Talk about web articles, talk about life, talk about work – four years of a street writer

In 2007, I came into contact with online articles, and started writing in one year. I have written four books on the street, and only have a preliminary understanding of online articles in the past

In 2007, I came into contact with online articles, and started writing in one year. I have written four books on the street, and only have a preliminary understanding of online articles in the past year.

I would like to talk about my understanding of web articles based on my own experience and some opinions, hoping to help some authors who are new to web articles.

From the following six aspects, I will make a rough analysis.

1. What is web text?

Internet literature, commonly known as Internet novels.

Internet novels are based on the Internet and are published by Internet authors. With the popularization of mobile phones and computers, Internet novels have also become popular.

Many students and office workers read novels to pass the time during their commutes and subway rides. As a result, a group of online writers with high incomes have been attracted.

Some people say that there is no threshold for becoming an online writer. This sentence is not correct. First, you must be able to use a computer. Second, you must at least be able to type Chinese characters on the keyboard.

2. Why write novels?

There are many purposes for writing novels, and everyone has their own ideas.

In general, there are no more than three types: money, fame, and dreams!


Money, of course, is to make money. This is also the idea of ​​most people. Paying without return, at least I will not do it.


Famous, it refers to being famous, and online articles have the title of great gods, which is the highest honorary title for online writers, and online writers are also writers. Maybe some people think that they can write a novel with a million words. bragging capital. There are also some people who will use various methods. In short, they will spend money to make the data of their books look very cool. .


Dreams, after all, are a minority, but it is undeniable that there are indeed a small group of people who have a love for writing and want to write a masterpiece, and have completed their dreams. However, such people are often not strong enough in character. They will give up one after another when they can’t see the results. To put it bluntly, most of these people write novels that are so-called for the purpose of adding new words and expressing their sorrows. Or the whole world seems to be dark. The words and sentences are all awkward, and there is a faint feeling of “I am sad”.

Of course, there are people who don’t care about their grades and just write the stories they want to write bit by bit just for their dreams. For such people, I sincerely admire them.

3. What are the steps in writing a novel?

Register an account, register a pseudonym, register a book title, and send chapters to the website for review.

After the review, continue to update, and the word count reaches the website requirements, you can take the initiative to apply for a contract. If the book is good, you will receive a short notice after applying for the contract.

The above is the standard signing process.

Of course, you can also apply for an internal visa.


I don’t know whether my signing can be regarded as an internal signing, but I will tell you some of the experience of signing the contract.

Which group you want to go to, first find the QQ edited by that group, and then start adding. Generally speaking, it is difficult to add it for the first time. .

After adding, don’t talk nonsense, leave a message directly about what you want to say, the editor will usually let you send it directly to the mailbox.

After sending the email, it will take about three days for a faster speed, and seven to ten days for a slower speed~~

Regardless of the failure, the editor will reply, and if it fails, the suggestion for the book will usually be attached.

4. On the beginning of a new book?

With the continuous development of online literature, the standards for readers to read books have gradually improved, which has led to the difficulty of signing contracts.

Internet texts are not traditional literature, readers can read the previous words for free. If you don’t like them, you can throw them away at any time. mentality. This is the difference between the two.

In this way, the first few chapters of a novel are very precious.


How to write a good beginning? Each type basically has a fixed routine. If it is written according to the routine, it may not be a big hit, but there should not be too much problem with signing the contract. However, the so-called routine is not actually plagiarism. Simply put, the points that need to be reflected at the beginning are to highlight the protagonist, character building, clear organization, and a sense of expectation. (These are personal feelings, don’t spray if you don’t like it!)


Long Kong has been discussing routines for some time. Some people think that it is meaningless to imitate routines. Some people think that the routine is just a frame, and the content can be filled in various ways. In this regard, I am more inclined to the latter.


For newcomers, what they have to do is not to innovate, but to sign a contract. Only when they sign a contract can they be put on the shelves, and only when they are on the shelves can they make money. Maybe someone can become a god in one book, but after all, it is a minority, and the probability is not higher than winning the lottery. Such a low probability thing, why try it? And you need to figure out your own needs, are you making money or what? ? ? ?

After writing a finished book, gaining popularity, and writing the next one, at this time, you can choose to innovate, provided that you feel that your readers are loyal enough. A writer depends on readers for food, without readers, nothing neither.

5. Mentality?

This is actually what I want to say the most.

In Longkong, the most complaints I see are: the new book is not good, and it is tangent. / 30,000 words, I didn’t come to stop short, can’t I cut it? / The data is terrible, I have no confidence. /50,000 words, only single digits for collection, open new book.


Most of the new writers may have talent and beautiful writing, but they lack perseverance. Some editors told me that online texts are the king! The one who can persevere is the winner. Sometimes persistence is more important than talent.

If you are not a great god, or an old author who has finished the book, then, as a newcomer, when you open a new book, do you think that when the number of words is only tens of thousands of words, a large number of readers will come and leave you a message, Recommend to you, throw money at you?


Almost, I’m talking about almost, 99.9% of new writers, when the number of words is very small, will not have too significant results, the exception is the book Daxiong, when I heard about this book with 50,000 words, it was already there. Many readers started chasing, hehe, I was one of them, but unfortunately it was blocked.

Closer to home, for a new book, don’t pay too much attention to the grades before the 100,000-word word, and talk more broadly, don’t care about the grades before the first recommendation.

My new book is the first recommendation in about 150,000 to 60,000 words after signing the contract. Before the recommendation, the results were not satisfactory, and I was very anxious. After the recommendation, the results have improved and my mood has improved a lot.


When I had 130,000 words, the first reader in the true sense left me a message, a reader who urged me to change.

Having said so much, I just tell the new writers not to pay too much attention to the results in the early stage. For a book, it is decided to sign a contract at the beginning, but the real result is determined by the number of words.

When the number of words goes up, the plot unfolds at that time, and readers are comfortable with it, so they will naturally leave messages to urge updates, vote for recommendations, and give rewards.

But you can’t expect a book of 40,000 to 50,000 words, there will be readers who leave messages to urge updates and vote for recommendations.

So, stick to it! In particular, the authors who signed the contract must insist on it.

6. About the list.

Here we only talk about the list of two websites, Digital Station and Chuang Niang, other websites are not very familiar with.

The newcomer list of the digital station is relatively bright, and you can see it almost when you open the website, so this list has an advantage for newcomers.

Secondly, there is the VIP list. This list is based on money. If you have money, you can be on the list at any time, but I don’t think that is necessary. It is purely a waste of money.


Yesterday, I saw a post about how many words to sign and compete for the creation of the public new book list and the new book signing list.

Chuangshi’s main source of readers is the bookstore. The main site has just opened, and the traffic cannot be compared with other big sites.

The new book week popularity list and the signed new book popularity list, these two lists are really not very important. Let’s put it this way, the current traffic of the Genesis main station is not that large, and most of the readers are gods from other stations. It was brought by Zhongshen Xiaoshen, so you can’t expect a website that has only been in operation for two years to be very popular.


When I opened a new book, I didn’t pay attention to these two lists. Of course, I have never been on these two lists. It is because these two lists are really not good. A newcomer, if you don’t go through some methods If so, it is very difficult to get into the top ten, and the main source of income of Genesis is the bookstore, so you don’t need to pay too much attention to the performance of the main site.

Of course, there are also many newcomers who feel that being on the list is a kind of honor, so I won’t say much about it. After all, I write books to make money, honor and so on, let’s forget about it for the time being, those are a little far away from us. , These small achievements are not enough to show off, but will make you look like a doll and make you laugh.


Saying this is to tell you that the significance of these two lists is not very big. It may be possible to increase some clicks, but after all, clicks are not money. There are only a handful of readers who can convert these clicks. Thinking of a way to sign early.

And when you really try to compete for this list, you will find that the popularity value of each of the books on the list is higher than your imagination, and the signing of the new book list is ignored, but the public new book list is not. It’s really scary. Nima, my book is not as popular as the new public book that ranks first. I don’t know why this book is so popular. I think the author is really a powerful character.

7. About full-time or not?

Full-time writers are awesome.

However, newcomers who have just entered the industry, it is best not to hold the idea of ​​becoming a god with a book. Dreams can be dreamed, but people must have self-knowledge, ignorance is not scary, and ignorance without self-knowledge is hopeless.

Someone in Long Kong wrote a post, roughly the content of which is that the online literary world can only accommodate 500 professional writers.

There is no need to discuss whether this data is high or low. Personally, I don’t think it is very reliable. After all, there is no official data, and not every author of the website is high-profile. Some people with monthly incomes of tens of thousands are basically not in the public eye. This is all normal.


For newcomers who have not experienced writing books, full-time is a very risky thing, and it is also very stressful. A friend once joked that if you want to be full-time, you have to save enough food for two months. Like me, buy a The house’s instant noodles and Nongfu Spring, plus a dozen cigarettes, will succeed or fail in two months.

In fact, this is only the most basic condition. For a full-time job, you must have enough money to support all your expenses for the past two months. No, it should be three months.


This is only part of the impact. The bigger impact is that newcomers feel that writing books can make a lot of money, so they are no longer interested in other industries, and they always feel that they will become gods one day. As a result, their attention is all on writing books Over time, one year, two years, I continued to go down the street. At this time, I found that I might have a stable job.

But at this time, he is not much different from the new college students, and he will not have an advantage when applying for a job.

Newcomers can make a rough comparison before deciding whether to write full-time. I believe this can give you one more choice.


How long does it take for full-time writing to be effective?

Even if this book is popular, what if the next book hits the streets?

What if the inspiration runs out halfway through the writing?

What if one day the book written by the river crabs? (It is not necessarily the great god who is caught by the river crab. Now writing about the city, I can hardly find anyone who is not involved in pornography)


Looking for an ordinary job now, the initial salary will not be very high, but relatively speaking, it will be more stable.

If it is a boy, move up a bit and find a challenging job, such as sales, then in terms of salary, a monthly salary of over 10,000 yuan is not a problem at all.

But many people feel that going out to work is too tiring and time is not free. Where can there be the comfort and freedom of writing novels.

Yes, many people, no, most of them think this way, I just hope that you will make the final decision after thinking it through in your mind.

When you are young, you are a little tired and bitter, and you can be a little more relaxed and comfortable in the future.

Young people, don’t be greedy for pleasure, have the vigor of young people, and do what you need to do at the right age.

Writing a book is not an easy task. If you don’t broaden your horizons, experience life, and enter the society, how can you write a novel that you’re looking forward to?

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