[Media] Online novel writer Chen Hong: How did the best-selling online novels come about?

The manuscript was written by me, and I have also done other news reports about online articles before, such as interviewing Wu Wenhui, the snail that went mad, and so on. Well, please look for Liuzhu’s

The manuscript was written by me, and I have also done other news reports about online articles before, such as interviewing Wu Wenhui, the snail that went mad, and so on. Well, please look for Liuzhu’s products. Yes, it is Liuzhu who has sold the delicious Yongquan tangerine in digital version. Next, he is going to sell Hanfu, which he designed and made by himself. “, is not yet available. If you are interested in ordering Hanfu, you can send a private message. The oranges will not be sold, and the loss of express delivery will not be able to be handled.

I interviewed a few days ago, published today, in the ” Taizhou Business Daily “ , I am the financial reporter of this newspaper

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The reason why I wrote this report, first of all, is that I have no subject matter, I just thought of writing this, and secondly, it is also a popular science for the public. Through this report, I will tell others how online novels are written, and call for genuine reading.

The audience of the article is the mass news readers, not the netizens, so it is mainly based on popular science. Subject to the layout of the newspaper, I chose some points to write.

Chen Hong is the author of a small station, and he can’t be said to be a god. In addition to the subscription to the website in the picture, the income also has third-party platforms.

The article does not state which website it is, one is to avoid advertisements, and the other is to avoid writing any taboos to receive a lawyer’s letter. However, you can also see which website it is in the picture.

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Online novel writer Chen Hong: How did the best-selling online novels come about?

Business Daily reporter Chen Linjian trainee reporter Zhuge Chenchen / photo

business card

Chen Hong: 28 years old, from Luzhou, Sichuan, majoring in Chinese language and literature at Sichuan Normal University

web novel writer

Pseudonyms: Baili Tianshang, Ye Qingfeng, etc.

Representative works: ” Sword Breaks the Sphere “ , ” Jingwumen Senior Brother “ , etc.

At the request of Chen Hong himself, the portrait photo was deleted.

A year later, I met Chen Hong again in the smoke-filled hot pot restaurant. A year ago, his book ” Sword Breaking the Sphere “ was rewarded nearly 40,000 yuan by readers online. It was his first book to make money. The book, the income from this book allows him to continue his journey of “becoming a god”. “Chengshen” is also called “Proving Tao”, a term in the circle, which refers to the fame of online novel writers. After “Chengshen”, it is called “Great God”, which corresponds to the “Servant Street” whose works are uninterested.

  In 2009, the novel that Chen Hong sought after was lost due to the death of the author. When there was no book to read, he came up with the idea of ​​writing a book by himself, so he became a “servant street” who suffered repeated defeats and battles until he wrote ” Swords ” the year before. ” Broken the Sphere “ only touched the threshold of “becoming a god”. Chen Hong has used many pseudonyms, the more famous ones are “Baili Tianshang” and “Ye Qingfeng”. This time, while eating hot pot and chatting, I talked to Chen Hong about how a best-selling online novel was made.



the beginning of the story

You have to construct a worldview that can accommodate the plot

  In a narrow sense, online novels specifically refer to fantasy novels serialized on platforms such as Qidian Chinese.com. The fantasy world and the real world are different, so before writing an online novel, you must first create a worldview that can accommodate the story. The fantasy world is outside the real world, and the industry calls it an “overhead world”. Chen Hong said that the alternate world is not unique to Chinese online novels, any fantasy literature has its own alternate world.

  ”For example , the Middle Earth in “The Lord of the Rings ” , the apocalyptic future described in “The Matrix “ , etc. A complete ‘alternate world’ must at least contain elements such as historical background, geography, race, religious beliefs, secular forces, customs and habits, etc. These are collectively referred to as ‘worldviews’. As large as multi-dimensional universes, as small as particles, they are all within the framework of ‘worldviews’.” Chen Hong said that in order to write novels with different backgrounds, he has done many different kinds of “alternative worlds”, or ” worldview”.

  ”As for the details, it depends on the needs of the plot. Sometimes, a good plot can make up for the lack of settings, and sometimes too many settings limit the fantasy.” Chen Hong said, no matter what kind of settings, first of all you have to justify it. You also have to get the reader to accept your self-justification. “The setting of a world view that cannot be rounded will make readers feel a sense of ‘disobedience’ and will be dug up by expert readers. For example, whether the population ratio of civilians and troops in a city-state is scientific, and whether a certain technology has a pre-technology foundation in the world. Wait.” Chen Hong said.

  ”A good overhead world can be used to write many novels with different plots.” Chen Hong said.

An upgrade system with the same goal

Make readers feel “cool”

  Since there are overhead worlds, what is the difference between Chinese fantasy novels and other fantasy novels? “There are two very important elements, the first is the upgrade system, which is not the original of the online article. For example, in Jin Yong’s novels, the teenagers who first came out of the arena eventually became the heroes of the arena, and this climbed step by step. The process is to upgrade the system. However, in the online article, the upgrade system has been evolved to the extreme.” Chen Hong said.

  ”Each novel has a main line to support the plot. Traditional novels and early online novels have diversified main lines, such as grievances and hatreds, etc. However, the length of online novels is in units of one million words, and the author must start with 3,000 words to update every day. At times, only the upgrade as the main line can support its long plot and update speed. However, the grievances and hatreds have not disappeared, but are hidden in the branch lines, and writers with strong pen can write well.” Chen Hong said .

  Chen Hong said: “Different novels have different upgrade systems, and within the same category, they are also different according to the author’s own setting. For example, in Xianxia novels, the protagonists are also the protagonists who begin to practice Qi, and some end in Mahayana Ascension, and some are Take Rimang. In my old work ” True Dragon “ , the protagonist was upgraded from the Tempering Realm to the Broken Realm.” He believes that the upgrade system looks different, but in fact the same goal. “

  Integrated with the upgrade system is the sense of substitution. “The readers of online novels are mainly young people. Every upgrade will give readers a sense of accomplishment along with the protagonist. This is the sense of substitution, which is simply ‘cool’. How to make readers more sense of substitution is not only about upgrading the system It’s as simple as that. What is more tested is the author’s own writing skills and the rhythm of the plot.” Chen Hong said.

  ”The settings and plots that affect the sense of substitution are called ‘poison points’. Everyone’s poison points are different, but some are common. The poison points arise from people’s three views, as well as differences in knowledge and experience. Most of the poisonous spots that appear most widely in online articles revolve around love. However, my new book is pure blood, and there is no heroine, because I have never been in love myself.” Speaking of this, Chen Hong was a little lost.

Long form requires an outline structured subdivision

There are also genres in the web

  Faced with a long escalating plot and a sense of substitution that needs to be properly arranged, online novels need an outline. “If there is no outline, it will be written crooked later. After ” Sword Breaks the Sphere “ , I have developed the habit of writing outlines. The outline controls the main line of the story, and then there are small outlines. It is down to the detailed outline of each chapter, and I am used to pre-writing a few hundred words in each chapter to find the feeling, which is to bring back the knowledge of the university.” Chen Hong said.

  In addition to the outline, like traditional literature, there are also genres of online literature, and many authors of online literature have become famous by relying on their newly created genres. Chen Hong has tried to go his own way and followed suit, and recently he has tried to establish his reputation in the “Infinite Guoshu Stream”. “Infinite Guoshu Stream” was born out of “Infinite Stream” created by zhttty. The way of writing Infinite Stream is that the protagonist constantly travels through different alternate worlds to take risks, some are the worlds of existing novels, games, and film and television dramas, and some are their own alternate worlds.

  ”The foundation of the upgrade system of ‘Infinite Martial Arts Stream’ is Chinese martial arts, referred to as Martial Arts for short, and the world that travels through is also the world of Martial Arts background. The new book ” Jingwumen Senior Brother “ and another planned book are both ‘Infinite Martial Arts Stream’.” Chen Hong hopes that more Chinese cultural connotations can be implanted in his novels, not just to read it, but to spread traditional Chinese cultural thoughts and martial arts culture. “I came from a Chinese background, and I also had experience as a culture teacher in a martial arts school, which all had an impact,” said Chen Hong.

  Judging from the subscription of the new book ” Jingwumen Senior Brother “ , Chen Hong’s attempt has been successful. However, this time, Chen Hong is no longer satisfied with the benefits brought by subscriptions. “Now we all talk about IP value. Unlimited streaming involves copyright and cannot be adapted into film and television dramas. Therefore, in future new works, I hope to be able to write more quintessential novels, so as to create greater value.” Chen Hong said.

  (IP: intellectual property, the original meaning is intellectual property, and the current business is the fan economy of the original cultural industry)

Career Outlook and Income:

The remuneration for the new book in October has exceeded 10,000, and piracy is the enemy

  According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 40 authors of online articles in Taizhou, ranking among the top in the country. Among them, there are about 10 full-time and semi-full-time authors. The most famous in the industry is Wang Tai, a writer from Linhai, the starting point god (pseudonym: Snail who is mad). Chen Hong represents the backbone of the author’s remuneration with an annual income of 50,000 to 300,000 yuan, who can write books to support himself.

  However, for Chen Hong, who has a full-time job, net income is only part of the income. “But this part has brought changes to my life. ” Sword Breaking the Sphere “ brought me 160,000 yuan after tax, and there are still people subscribed. The new work ” Jingwumen Senior Brother “ was released at the end of September, 10 It is expected that the monthly manuscript fee will be more than 12,000 yuan after tax. I update this book with 4,000 words every day on weekdays, that is, two small chapters. When the outbreak breaks out on weekends, I will update 4 to 5 chapters a day.” Chen Hong said.

  For authors of online novels, the biggest threat is pirated novel websites on the Internet. “Relevant laws are not perfect, and it is difficult to protect the rights of original websites. The website I am working on has made great efforts to crack down on piracy in the past two years, and basically I can’t find pirated copies of my novels. The previous ” Sword Breaking the Sphere “ lost at least piracy. More than 70% of the income. Some platforms that have been seriously pirated, the loss caused by piracy to the author even reaches more than 90%.” Chen Hong said.

  Chen Hong believes that good reading is very important for writing good books. “I am a Chinese major, and I have accumulated experience in this area. Many of the great gods in the industry also have a bachelor’s degree or above, and some of the top gods graduated from famous schools or graduated from a school. Compared with the proportion of the population in the same age group, people with high education are engaged in online literature work. The more you read, the higher the success rate.” Chen Hong said that in addition to reading more books and film and television dramas, he would often go to places such as Dragon’s Sky Forum where web writers gather to communicate.

  The competition of online articles is fierce, and there will always be Pujie “becoming a god and proving the Tao”, and some great gods will fall. Facing the pressure of daily updates and subscription pressure, authors who have been writing for a long time are faced with health confusion. “Recently, I run after dinner every day. Fortunately, my writing schedule is regular. I usually go to bed before 11 o’clock every night, and I don’t stay up late for writing.” Chen Hong said that the income of the top of the pyramid is all High, but there are countless servants behind every great god, so full-time writing needs to be cautious.

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