Chenglong Gongzi shares the skills of Feilu colleagues, helping everyone to break through 1000 first orders [primary chapter]

Topic: [Chenglong Gongzi] Share the skills of [Fei Lu Tongren] to help everyone break through 1,000 first orders! [Primary Chapter] … … The original intention of Chenglong to write this article is only for [Feilu] and

Topic: [Chenglong Gongzi] Share the skills of [Fei Lu Tongren] to help everyone break through 1,000 first orders! [Primary Chapter]

The original intention of Chenglong to write this article is only for [Feilu] and it is a [doujin]. My purpose is to help the brothers in Pujie to write a book of doujinshi with 1000 songs. novel. This article, the brothers in the Rue Philippe, can be read. Brothers who want to come to Feilu to test the water, you can watch it.



1. Feilo’s market positioning and readers’ taste.

Since you want to write a book on Feilu, first of all, you need to know what kind of website Feilu is, whether its rhythm is fast or slow, and what tastes the readers have. Then, you can customize the package according to the taste.

So, what is the flavor of Feilo?

Personally, I think Felu is the fast food among fast food, and I call this super fast food.

What is super fast food?

My answer is, simple! rough! Cool!

There must be some people who want to say, isn’t it simple and rude, I thought it was novel, I have heard it long ago.

I can tell you that there are many people who know ‘simple and rude’, but 80% of them are on the street, including some great gods who came to Feilu outside the station, and then they left Feilu sadly.

Why are you on the street?

Because people have a misunderstanding that it is simple and rude, that is, no-brainer, no-brainer.

Big mistake!

It’s ridiculous!

Let me tell you now, whoever comes to Feilu to write brainless essays, the protagonist is brainless and the villain is brainless and stupid, then he is not far from Pujie, even if he is a great god, he will fall from the altar sooner or later.


Because readers are not mindless, if you get a mindless book, readers may just think it is novel, not bad for money, and subscribe, and then they will slowly find out that this book is so mentally retarded! I’m so blind! Then, delete it from the bookshelf!

So the question is, what is simple and rude?

I personally feel this way:

Simplicity means simplification, there must be no nonsense, and things that have nothing to do with the plot, don’t write a single word, this is called simplicity!

Rough means that the slap in the face must be ruthless, fierce and strong, so that the last word can be achieved, cool!



2. Writing mentality.

Feilu is a simple and rude place, so after writing in this kind of place for a long time, the author’s mentality has also become rude.

Fei Lu’s author’s atmosphere is not very good. He cut books casually, changed his pseudonym after switching, and switched again if he couldn’t. Thousands of books subscribed to say that eunuchs are eunuchs.

I suggest everyone not to be eunuchs casually. If eunuchs cut books for a long time, you will become addicted, and your whole person will be abolished.

You’re on the street, but you’re not too much of a prisoner? Are you kidding me? It’s all down the street, I’m writing a hair! I don’t eat or drink? Bullshit!

Brother, I am very aware of the difficulties of the street. I have been serving the street for a long time. What I want to tell you is that it is not terrible to be a book servant. Continue to write, read book reviews, and summarize the failure experience. What is wrong? Please correct it next time , Pu Jie can also become a great god.

You open a book in a daze, and you are in a daze, and then you cut it, and then flutter, what is your lack? Creation? plot? figure? Slap in the face? climax? pen? You don’t understand it yourself, and then you rush to open a new book, one by one.

I said, brother, have you read the Analects, choose what is good and follow it, and change what is not good, it doesn’t matter if you fail, you have to summarize the experience of failure and success.

Some people say that I wrote the book myself. I think it’s good there, but it’s just a waste of time when it’s on the shelves. How do I know what I’m good at? Give me a way?

Three words for you: read book reviews!

Feilu’s readers are full of trolls and thieves! But there are also a lot of good book reviews. The readers are sharp, and Feilu’s readers are quite honest. They don’t like reading it, and they will tell you what is wrong. You can find a lot of problems from his words, and then you can correct them. .

However, I would like to remind everyone that you should be careful when reading book reviews, and keep your mind calm. Readers are yelling at you and scolding you for the eighteenth generation. You must hold back, otherwise your mentality will explode, and the more you write, the more annoying you will become. .



3. Summary of Fei Lu’s poisonous point.

The first poison point: [Green Hat], this is not explained, the protagonist’s woman cheated, whether it was a spiritual cheating or a physical cheating, if one of the two appeared, you don’t need to write the

second poison point in your book, [Our Lady ], the protagonist is soft-hearted, can kill the villain but not kill, see the villain suffering and help, bad guy, um, this is not as poisonous as the green hat, but the Virgin will make your subscription half, please know yourself.

The third poison point: [Badmaster], the abuser is to suppress the protagonist, especially the brothers from Reading, who like to suppress the protagonist, and then let the protagonist rise, hehe, I advise you not to write in the future, you write a book Ben, this is the reason. Feilu’s readers are glass hearts. When they see the protagonist being suppressed, they immediately delete your book.

What about first and then? Can’t even write to suppress the protagonist? Then I can suppress my allies, okay? Suppress the heroine and let the protagonist come to the rescue? I suppressed the protagonist’s sect, and then let the protagonist kill the villain’s whole family? Is it okay to write like this?

no! Very bad!

Abusing the friends and beauties around the protagonist is also part of the abuser. If you dare to write, you will be one step closer to the slave street.

Finally, let me say it again, abuse of the protagonist, abuse of teammates, abuse of the harem, abuse of subordinates, these are all poisonous points! Don’t write!

Feilu is a fast food among fast food. People in Jianghu call it a super fast food. Readers are tired after going to work and school all day. Block you immediately.

The fourth poison point: [Brainless], the protagonist has no brains, the heroine has no brains, the villains have no brains… Anyway, the characters have no brains.

This is also the reason why most people are servants of the street, but many people do not realize it.

Brainless, this is very complicated and huge, and you can’t finish it in 10,000 words. In short, it is illogical. Remember, the characters you write must be logical, and what they do must be logical.

To give a few examples:

1) The protagonist can obviously kill the villain. For the next climax, the author makes the villain escape from under his nose, and then kills him in the next climax. This is brainless!

2) The villain knows that the protagonist is invincible in the world, but he is stupid to jump in front of the protagonist, this is the villain’s brainless! The protagonist sees the villain jumping and doesn’t kill him. This is the protagonist’s brainless!

3) The protagonist clearly knows that there is Beiming magic at the foot of Wuliang Mountain, and he is at the foot of Wuliang Mountain, but he doesn’t get the secret book. This is because the main character has no brains.

4) The protagonist said a few words to the heroine, and the heroine fell in love with the protagonist. This is the heroine who has no brains and is a nympho! This has been criticized by readers! learn a lesson.

There are still a lot of brainless plots, time is limited, I will not give examples one by one, everyone read the book reviews by themselves, all plots where readers are cursing are basically brainless plots.



4. Title, introduction, and five chapters.

After reading the first article, the second article, and the third article, everyone realized Fei Lu’s position, corrected his writing mentality, and knew Fei Lu’s poisonous point. Next, he started to prepare a book.

One: The first is [book title].

The title of the book is divided into two types. The first one is to go straight to the theme,

such as: ” Martial Arts: The Gunners of the World! “ , readers see this title, and immediately understand that this is a martial arts novel, and it is written about guns, people who like to read it will naturally click in, and those who don’t like it will naturally leave.

For example: ” Datang, my wife is Li Xiuning “ , it is obviously from the Tang Dynasty, the wife is the princess, and the protagonist is the concubine.

For example: ” City, I am the richest man in the world “, urban text, the plot is to make money, the protagonist has money, not bad money, in the city is awesome.

For example: ” Xuanhuan: My Martial Soul Casting Star Dragon King “ , at first glance, it is fantasy, Wuhun flow, people who like to watch it will naturally click, and you can’t keep it if you don’t like it.

All of the above book titles go straight to the theme stream. Just a few words in the title, the subject matter, and the story are clear at a glance. This kind of title is quite satisfactory, and there is no need to worry about readers misjudging.

There are two types of titles, the second title is Humor Stream.

For example: ” I just want to be a quiet hero “ , the readers should be urban language, and the protagonist is a hero, I want to be a hero in peace, the tree wants to be quiet and the wind is endless, maybe the story is interesting, click on it Look and say.

When you open a new book, the title of the book is very important. You can choose one of the two titles. Remember, don’t get fancy with the title of the book.

What is bells and whistles?

I’ll give you a reverse textbook.

For example , ” You are my goddess “ , ” This world is wonderful “ , ” This system is a bit skinny “ , ” I am the descendant of the third uncle “ …

What kind of messy book titles are these, this world is wonderful? fantastic? God knows what this book is about, martial arts? Pirates? city? The reader is bewildered. Am I the descendant of the third uncle? Mom? What the hell is this? Who is the third uncle? never heard of that!

Second, followed by [Introduction].

It is too troublesome to describe the introduction in detail. Many people say that they cannot write an introduction. I will give you a template and write it accordingly.

What is the name of the protagonist, what world is in, what is the system, what is the function of the system, and then the masses react.

Still do not know? Don’t worry, I’ll give an example.

Li Ming, traveled to the world of martial arts and activated the gun god system… Since then, there is a white-clothed gun god in this world!

Zhang Sanfeng: “This young man’s marksmanship is terrifying!”

Zhu Yuanzhang: “Master Su, I want to be your apprentice!”

Zhou Zhiruo: “There are such amazing and talented men in the world!

” , I’m really exhausted!”

Li Ming, traveled to a parallel world and obtained the Shenhao system, since then, this world has added a young richest man!

Head of state: “Li Ming, I admire you very much!” (Don’t write nonsense)

Beauty star: “Li Ming, I want to marry you!”

Nobel Prize winner: “Li Ming, I beg for investment…” (Don’t write nonsense)

… Do

you understand?

The protagonist’s name, what world is he in, what is the system, and then the crowd reacts.

Although this kind of introduction cannot be said to be excellent, it is definitely qualified. Even if you cannot add points, at least you will not lose points. Brothers who really don’t know how to write introductions, you might as well try this template.

Third, the last five

chapters are the first five chapters, which are the top priority of a book.

The reader opens an unfamiliar book, his head is blank, he starts from the first chapter, and as he reads further, the content of the book appears in his mind. If the opening is well written, he will collect it, and if it is not well written, he will delete it. Book.

So, how should the first five chapters be written?

First of all, whether you are a great god or a servant street, as long as you write fan fiction, then the opening chapter cannot be separated from these few:

1) Briefly introduce the background of the world (urban? Martial arts? Fantasy? Datang? Three Kingdoms? Pirates? What themes must be written clearly!)

2) Briefly introduce the identity of the protagonist before crossing (college student? Working boy? This is optional, It’s not wrong to take it once. Who cares what the protagonist did before he crossed over? Anyway, he has crossed so meowly, and the past has become the past tense.)

3) Briefly introduce the identity of the protagonist after crossing (Young Sect Master? Concubine? Rich Second Generation ?The crown prince? The ranger? The European noble? The martial arts genius? The fantasy waste wood? The royal orphan? This must be written clearly!)

4) Detailed introduction of system functions (must explain the functions clearly, otherwise readers will be blinded after reading)

5) Detailed introduction The situation of the protagonist (being hunted down? Inheriting the family property? Marrying a princess? Solving a case? Already invincible? Traveling in the mountains and water? This is very important! Very important!)

You must write out the above things, and write them clearly , clearly tell the reader what the current situation of the protagonist is, and then you can start the following.

So the question is, how to write the following? How will the story unfold?

Many people will write this: the protagonist encounters a crisis at the beginning (the article of force is to be hunted down, and the article of wealth is to go bankrupt), then the system is activated, the protagonist gets rich rewards, and the crisis is successfully resolved (anti-killing the pursuer, turning bankruptcy into profit) ), well, that’s probably what it looks like.

For this kind of plot, I can only say that if it is written by a great god, there will be almost 1,000 subscriptions. If someone else writes it, it will be dead!

why? Because that’s not what Philo readers want.

So, what exactly do Philo readers want? What flavor do they have?

Do you still remember the first one, what flavor is Felu? Super fast food!

If I wrote it, there should be no crisis!

What is a crisis? To suppress the protagonist! The essence is still the abuser! The abuser is poisonous, whoever writes it is finished!

Then if you don’t write about crisis, how do you write about it? How do you do it?

There is no crisis, you can let the protagonist take the initiative! Let him take the initiative to obtain, beauty, magic, magic, fame… This is a process of harvesting! Active harvest! The harvest itself is cool!

The protagonist has been harvesting, more and more wealth, more and more martial arts, more and more noble status, more and more beautiful women around, the quality is getting higher and higher!

This is what Feilu wants! This is what readers want to see!

Because this is a fanfic, the protagonist is very familiar with this world (Pirates, Naruto, Tianlong Babu, Love Apartment, Qin Shi, Datang…), this world has no secrets to him, he is a bug! He came to this world just for fun! Is to plunder beauty! Plunder wealth! Plunder everything! Unscrupulous! Run wild! Invincible! Whoever dares to hinder him, he will destroy anyone! (Because he knows the plot!)

Therefore, from the very beginning of the protagonist, he has to determine the target, lock on those beauties, lock on those wealth, and then, after drawing up the plan, he will take the initiative and plunder directly!

He starts from the origin and walks to the target location. In the process, he will meet the characters in the original book, and he will have an intersection with them, and he will kill the villain directly! Meet the beauty and push it directly! Meet the original protagonist? It can be killed, lowered or suppressed! Then, he moved from the origin to the destination, and finally got his wish! This is a one-liner orgasm.

If you can write a single-line climax, the writing is cool, and the order of 1000 songs is stable!

As for how to stabilize 1000 subscriptions? Is the subscription firm? How to make more than 1000 first orders?

If you want to solve the above problems, the single-line orgasm can no longer be satisfied, and the multi-line orgasm is required! To be refurbished! To be ups and downs!

This is an advanced writing method, it is difficult to comprehend, and it may not be able to be used freely after comprehension. This article is just to share the writing method of 1000 first orders.



5. About the description technique.

This kind of descriptive technique is actually the writing style that everyone often talks about. I call this thing writing skills.

It was also the six sects that besieged Guangmingding, and Jin Yong wrote it vividly. Because of the strong writing and deep skills of Jin Lao, the readers who read it were amazed and moved to tears. Let someone like me write about the six sects besieging the Bright Summit? Oh, poison you!

This is power.

Writing skills is really difficult to improve. It takes a long time to practice. It must be written every day. When the number of words is reached, the level will naturally improve.

I personally think that 2 million words can only be considered as a beginner (a blank sheet of paper), 5 million words can be considered an entry (beginning with outlines), and 10 million words can be considered a pass (small achievements). Personal opinion, if you don’t like it, don’t spray it.

Feilu is a place where people are impetuous and popular. Some people have just written 1 million words, and they don’t even have the level of beginners.

So, how to improve writing?

Everyone can start from the attitude, action, psychology, and language.

Let me give an example.

Previous article: Su Ming was surrounded by Cheng Kun and Cheng Kun’s men. There were many people in Cheng Kun. Su Ming was alone. Cheng Kun wanted to kill Su Ming.


Cheng Kun said to Su Ming, “All the disciples obey the order, kill him for me!”

Su Ming sneered when he heard the words: “Kill me? It’s up to you? You can’t do it yourself!

” Polish it up, add demeanor, action, and psychology, let’s see what the effect is. Cheng Kun sneered

proudly when he saw that Su Ming was surrounded by groups, and waved his big hand: “The Shaolin disciples obey the order and kill Su Ming for me!”

“Kill me? It’s up to you?”

One step, Guanhong spear pointed diagonally to the ground, Hongying danced with the wind, and said disdainfully: “I can’t do what I can!” After speaking, the soles of his feet slammed on the ground, his body slammed, and he burst out, killing Chengkun!

How about it? Is it much better? Is it too expressive?

I won’t give more examples. I can’t list them. Everyone, read the book of the Great God and think about it carefully. As long as you usually focus more on writing and study consciously, you will improve sooner or later.

……………………………… 6. To summarize

. There are a total of 5 articles in this article, and they are all finished now. If you can do the 5 points I said, it is not difficult to order 1000 for the first time. If you do the first, you will be able to understand the market positioning of Feilu’s readers, and you will be able to prescribe the right medicine and come up with their favorite flavors. If you achieve the second point, you will have a good writing mentality. This mentality will support you to write, persevere, and eventually achieve something. There is no difficulty in the world. I just hope that people who have a heart can summarize their failures and successes, and make persistent efforts. Take the essence and get rid of the dross, one grade is better than one, and you will become a great god sooner or later. If you achieve the third point, you can avoid all the poisonous spots of Feilu. In fact, to tell the truth, as long as you can avoid the poisonous spots, no matter what you write, the subscription will be at least three or four hundred, every month Four or five thousand yuan, not difficult. You achieve the fourth point, give a good title, write a good introduction, and buy a beautiful cover, the reader will click in, and then the reader will read your good opening and be attracted by the one-line climax of the first five chapters, Readers will click to collect. It is easy to collect 500v on the first day, and 1000v is not difficult. Everything is difficult at the beginning, and a good beginning is half the success. If you do this, you are already on the road to success. If you achieve the fifth point, you need to write enough pictures and describe what should be portrayed well, so that your writing is lifelike, and readers can read it with gusto. Ordering 1,000 songs is easy. …………………… 7. Digression . Well, all the skills I want to share with you are all finished, now, let’s talk a little off topic. Chenglong has been writing books in Feilu for four years, and he has made many mistakes, some of which are extremely stupid, and I will laugh when I think about it now. I am not related to everyone, so why does Mao want to help everyone? Open up your skills for Mao? Aren’t you afraid that the disciples of the church will starve to death for the master? I am stupid! Because, in those days, I also lived in the streets, very kind of the street,

Four years ago, an online game of martial arts with 200 subscriptions, abruptly wrote more than 1 million words, just for those few RMB.

Serving the street is too difficult, too painful!

Especially when there is no one to give pointers, write blindly, and work behind closed doors, this kind of servant street is even more difficult. Your family doesn’t support you, your friends don’t understand you, and everyone advises you to change careers.

I sincerely hope that brothers who are struggling, after reading my article, can subscribe to skyrocket and make more money.

Then, use the royalties to slap the world in the face!

Just like the lyrics in Zheng Zhihua’s song: Open your eyes and see clearly, I am the hero! !



this, someone must say, you speak a lot of vernacular, how is your book grade? Dare to bask in the sun? Don’t be fake, speak with subscriptions.

Well, then I’ll reveal it, ” Martial Arts: Gunslinger of the World “ , the first order is 5181, the results are not explosive enough, it can only be regarded as the middle and upper reaches, everyone don’t laugh at me, ah

ah ……


This article has been Published in Longkong. I just registered at the time, so I asked a big guy to post for me. I re-read it today, corrected typos and blocked words, and changed some radical remarks. I felt it was necessary to re-upload, so I re-posted it again.

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