[Year-end summary] Emotional line writing and the emotional connotation of son-in-law novels

[Year-end Summary] has been in the process of writing for a long time, and I want to write one too. But there is really no writing hardship and mental journey to write [I will not write

[Year-end Summary] has been in the process of writing for a long time, and I want to write one too. But there is really no writing hardship and mental journey to write [I will not write it], so I have a whim, and end 2019 with a “technical post”. Of course, try to be as colorful as possible.

First, let’s talk about the writing style of emotional lines in online novels.

1. What is the writing method of emotional line: The writing method of emotional line is a linear description method that promotes the plot with the development, increment, transition, explosion and sublimation of emotion. It is different from the normal “logical plot advancement method”. [The logical plot advancement method basically relies on causality to advance the plot. Simple example: The protagonist goes to the Monster Beast Mountains to collect medicine in order to save his parents. The protagonist killed the villain, and the villain’s father shot. There is cause and effect. The emotional line writing method often relies on the emotional needs of the characters to advance the plot…]

2. The advantage of the emotional line writing method: viscosity! [Logical plot advancement method, the eruption and extinction of emotions are often quick and do not have lasting viscosity. In terms of emotional lines, the viscosity is often long-lasting. There is no need for an example, think about how long it takes you to forget your girlfriend after breaking up with your girlfriend…]

3. The main points of the emotional line writing: From what the bulls understand, one is character building. There’s no need to say more, at least a character has to fall in love with her. The second is emotional sublimation, which is simply a burst point and a climax. [There are too many people who can’t write this well] Relatively speaking, the accumulation and progression in the middle are easier to describe.

Of course, about the emotional line and the logic to advance the plot, we must write a composite type, it is impossible to choose 1 or 2. It is just that in some nodes, there is emphasis and balance. Specifically, practice is required.

Second, talk about the emotional line in the son-in-law’s text.

1. Why did the son-in-law’s text explode? Personally, I think it is a problem at the level of social reality. Specific analysis is required:

There is such a phenomenon now that the “generation gap” between children and parents is often serious. A common situation is that children work hard outside for several years without achieving anything [successful people please ignore], after returning home, parents nagging, Say how you are so useless, so useless, so useless! Why don’t you have a girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend? Is it good for you to find an ordinary job safely [please refer to the dispute between writers and civil servants]. Children: Why do my parents not understand me so much? Why do you look down on me so much? Why do you think I will not succeed? [Sorry, in fact, you are such a waste…]

Of course, there are also the “cynicism” of relatives.

Why does this social phenomenon arise? The economic downturn, high housing prices, etc., the bulls will not analyze them one by one.

Man Niu thinks that this is the soil for his son-in-law Wen Bang. It comes down to two words – misunderstanding!

Some people say that parents and mother-in-law, single dog and son-in-law, seem to be very different groups. How could this kind of social problem be extended to the son-in-law’s text?

This involves a balance between ideal and reality.

Social problems originate from you and your parents, but the solution to the outbreak cannot lie with you and your parents. If your parents misunderstand you again, you can’t kill them, you can’t slap them in the face, you won’t be very happy if you slap them in the face! It’s by blood! Many children have thought more than once that I might as well have no father or mother, or even that my parents died. But it’s just a whim in the end!

Can’t write, can’t write it out!

So, need to find a substitute. The mother-in-law needs to appear at this time. Originally, my mother-in-law has accumulated a lot of grudges over the years because of the problem of buying a house. If you don’t write about who you are?

The mother-in-law is also a mother, and she and the protagonist have almost all the realistic, emotional, and logical relationships between parents and children. Therefore, conflicts between children and parents can be extended to mother-in-law! The only thing they don’t have is blood relationship. It’s also what we are most afraid of when we slap in the face…

Slap you in the face, cool! There is no psychological burden of slapping parents in the face at all, so beautiful!

As for the single dog and the son-in-law, the reason for this change of identity is that the single dog also hopes to have a girlfriend… The single dog longs for emotional progress and sublimation. This is not just a mapping of reality, but an extension of reality!

The son-in-law’s text is actually an alternative and extension of the “incompetent man” venting on reality. It just satisfies one of our psychology – “slap in the face and misunderstanding”! Therefore, I personally think that this is the biggest reason for the explosion of the son-in-law Wen. Its core lies in “misunderstanding”, not in “abuse” or abuse, it is just a way of suppressing emotions and shaping the sense of substitution.

2. How to write a good son-in-law essay. The emotional line, and the misunderstanding, the growth line, the perfect combination between the three. To put it simply, the protagonist has to grow up and the emotional line with the heroine has to be progressive, but all the achievements have to be misunderstood by the “mother-in-laws”. This is basically the core.

Let’s talk about it, let’s go to the code…

PS: Why don’t you continue to expand on the question of how to write the son-in-law’s text… In fact, if I go further, I often give specific examples to confirm my above point of view. Perhaps after reading it, everyone will think: It turns out that this is the case, so it makes sense. Sure enough, this theory is correct. But in fact, there is no practical significance for everyone to learn from it.

Manniu said son-in-law, but everyone doesn’t necessarily have to write son-in-law, right?

Even if you want to write a son-in-law, you don’t necessarily have to reproduce all the points perfectly. Many sons-in-law, some borrowed their names, some even just borrowed popularity, some descriptions only involved contradictions, some only involved emotional lines, and some even wanted to turn the heroine! This is the difference in style and writing! Even if you don’t want emotional lines at all, just rely on logic to advance, and you can still write a good book! So this thing, seen, can have a little bit of use.

In-depth analysis and entanglement, that is brainwashing…

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