[Longmen Interview] The author of “Tang Brick” and 2 interview Q&A version (Part 2) Every year, six or seven keyboards are worn out…

About the author of this interview:   Real name: Yunhong.   Age: 44.   Sex: Male.   Nationality: Han.   Current residence: Baiyin City, Gansu Province.   Height: 173.   Weight: 183.   Pseudonym: Solitary and 2.   Used pen names: Shui Dongliu, Ren

About the author of this interview:

  Real name: Yunhong.

  Age: 44.

  Sex: Male.

  Nationality: Han.

  Current residence: Baiyin City, Gansu Province.

  Height: 173.

  Weight: 183.

  Pseudonym: Solitary and 2.

  Used pen names: Shui Dongliu, Ren Dong, He Jianqiang.

  Works: ” Tang Bricks  , ” The Wisdom of the Song Dynasty  , ” Silver Fox  , ” Han Township ” , ” One Hundred Thousand Flags and Flags Killing Yan Luo  , “The Moon Is Lost  , ” Turtle City  , etc.

  Affiliation of Writers Association: Vice Chairman of Baiyin Writers Association, Director of Gansu Writers Association, member of China Writers Association.

  Current Occupation: Full-time writer.

  Occupation: Many… not to mention.

  Hobbies: Writing, cooking. (Sure enough, you can become a god only if you are a foodie?)

  Solitary and 2 life recent photos.

Some words written before the interview:

In view of Long Kong’s tradition of not watching for too long, this interview will be distributed in three parts.

1. Web chat version.[Interview with Longmen] (Tang Brick) Author Solo and 2 Online Chat Edition (Part 1) – Web articles changed my life.

2. Q&A version.

3. Longyou question version.

  1. If you make a simple self-introduction in 200-300 words, what would you say (there is a lot of basic information on the Internet, I hope you can explain this question from a more personal perspective, and briefly describe yourself in your own eyes)

  Answer: 孑和2, whose real name is Yunhong, an old Qin native, native of Lantian, his blood is rooted in 800 miles of Qinchuan, and he is full of water from the Yellow River, and the five elements belong to the earth.

  The young man was familiar with the Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, and Journey to the West. He only hated the Red Chamber. He forced him to read it carefully.

  When I was young, I was especially fond of writing, and several of them were printed in type, and I am still proud to this day.

  At the time when the Shaanxi Army was on the eastward expedition and the literature in the northwest flourished, he met Zhang Xianliang in Yinchuan and was fooled, so he continued to write for twenty years.

  After 20 years of writing and 20 years of poverty, if I don’t have a job, I will definitely starve to death, until the Internet literature came into view, and a ” Tang Brick  came out, Fang Yi flew into the sky, and Ling Yunzhi came into being.

  Life motto – as long as it is not seen that the nature of loneliness and 2 is stupid, it is the greatest victory in this life.

  2. How long did you plan before you started creating? What preparations have been made?

  Answer: ” Tang Brick  dreamed for ten years, traveled all over Guanzhong, and then finished writing for two years. ” The Wisdom of the Song Dynasty  took three years to plan, and went up the Yangtze River alone, strolling in the middle of Shu for a month, and then, It took a year and a half to write, ” Silver Fox  was a big dream, and then I wrote it with the Western Regions in my memory for a year and a half.

  3. How did your growth experience (interests, hobbies, living environment, family influences) influence your work? Or does the work follow you (the work has a shadow on you)

  A: Speaking of which, this is a tragedy. Personally, I like dreams, and I also like to suffer alone when I suffer. I think like a fool. My books are full of good people, and I rarely write about bad guys. I am willing to put a beautiful dream Write it out and dedicate it to readers. May the world be full of good people, and may the good people in this world have good rewards.

  4. How did you make up your mind to embark on a creative path? Has anything prompted your decision? Or pure accidental coincidence? (The fuse, the opportunity, the idea of ​​the moment of determination can also be shared if you are impressed)

  A: As mentioned earlier, a large part of it was fooled by Zhang Xianliang. The old guy who passed away was full of passion all his life and can always bring a positive spirit to people. I miss this old guy so much…

  5. Did you think about it from the beginning, or did you plan to develop towards the path of creation? If so, is this path different from the original vision?

  A: Of course it’s different. I used to dream of becoming famous with a book, and then I despised the world’s book writers. As a result, it was not very good. After 20 years of writing, the manuscript fee was less than 20,000. It was difficult to maintain food and clothing. , she gave me a return beyond my dreams, and I am very grateful for the appearance of the online article, she saved me.

  6. What do you think is the most difficult time in the creative process, or what is the most difficult thing? Thought about not continuing at all, just give up?

  A: No matter, how could there be difficulties? I am writing my dream, and the writing is as smooth as running water. Seeing the dream appear in front of me little by little, I can’t wait to continue writing.

  7. Continuing with the previous question, what other difficulties impress you?

  A: Except for lack of food, there is no difficulty in this world that cannot be overcome. Writing a book with a bare butt is also a kind of spirit.

  8. Are you busy when you are just starting out? What’s your busiest time like? Have you ever been in such a rush that you can’t start and continue? (Or is there a story similar to the busy feeling of being a new father, can you give some specific examples)

  A: I am really busy. I am writing alone in the kitchen. I am extremely lonely. I didn’t go downstairs for half a month. Because I was sprayed on the forum by countless people, I felt that my body was full of holes and my body was like a sieve.

  I was worried that the novel would hit the street, my hair would fall out, and six boils would grow on my head at the same time.

  9. Do you spend a lot of time and energy in the creative process, and do you have conflicts with your family and friends because you are too busy?

  A: Writing at least 6,000 words a day will naturally lead to long working hours. Fortunately, when the child is older, I don’t need to accompany me often. My wife also understands and knows that I am working very hard. I am working hard to support my family and will accommodate me in everything , has spoiled me now.

  10. Anyone who has been busy knows that sometimes being busy is not only about not having time, but more often than not having the energy to think about things other than career. Is there a conflict because of “not caring enough about family members”? Or absent-minded about things other than business, do you have any relevant stories to share?

  A: Writing online articles is a job that can be done at home. Whether it is an old mother or a wife and child, you can see me every day as long as you open the door of the study. This gives me great convenience. The family interacts, so there is no estrangement.

  The main reason is that I have reached middle age, my family has been extremely stable, and my children have come to hate me, so there is such stability.

  If it is young people, they will not have such conditions. If they are indulged in writing online articles for a long time, there will be countless problems.

  11. What did you give up because of creation? Do you think it’s worth giving up things to create? Is there anything that was delayed because of creation that you regret now when you think about it?

  A: This question is actually very hypocritical. What more do you want when you are middle-aged? Writing is my greatest hobby, and I can’t talk about giving up anything.

  On the contrary, in the process of writing, I got more, such as countless friends, countless brothers, and countless cares. Stepping into online writing is a gift from God for me. She gave me the ability to honor my mother, let my wife give up her hard work, and give my children the best education. That’s enough.

  12. Do you have insomnia? stay up? Have you ever had a conflict with your family? Depressed? Did it crash? (what is the specific scene like)

  A: I often suffer from insomnia. Staying up late is a common occurrence. Except that my wife always likes to urge me to rest at twelve o’clock, I have basically no worries.

  13. Compared with other people, you are considered as an “old child” (when you were engaged in the creation of online articles, you were older), what do you think about this?

  A: I am lucky, but it is also a good thing. Without the accumulation of previous decades, how can there be so many stories dedicated to readers?

  A book enshrining God is my eternal pride!

  14. Compared with young people, what special difficulties do you have when starting this age group? (For example, you saw in your interview that you also learned to type)

  A: I think I have an advantage over young people. Age is a capital rather than a negative factor for me.

  Because I am older, I can sit on the buttocks. It is also because I am older and have better determination to face the temptation of money. Just messing around, having more life experience to deal with all the troubles that arise recently.

  15. How do you evaluate your own work and career? (It can be said that the results can also be discussed from the perspective of some more emotional individuals)

  Answer: Proud, extremely proud, I wish I could stand on the top of the mountain and shout to the world: I am the king of the world!

  16. If the work is really compared to a child, how do you see him? What do you want to say to him?

  A: When I cannot write in the future, I will definitely revise these books of mine, squeeze out the water, and reconstruct a grand view of history and a huge story.

  17. How do others evaluate TA (your work or profession)? What do you think of these comments?

  A: In front of me, I always get countless compliments. When I was criticized by critics at the Lu Xun Academy of Literature, it always made me doubt my life.

  18. If you could only use one word to describe your TA (your work or career), which word would you use?

  Answer: savage growth

  19. Do you have any impressive comments or complaints from others?

  A: After reading your book, 100,000 grass and mud horses roared past, which is the most vicious comment I have ever heard of me. Don’t let me know about this guy, or I will kill him, causing me to sleep well for days and always doubt myself.

  20. Have you encountered any bad reviews? How did you deal with them?

  A: If there is reason and evidence, I will kneel down and kill him if I maliciously complain.

  21. In the face of bad comments, do you feel a sense of protecting the calf, so you will be particularly angry?

  A: The reason why I have to replace six or seven keyboards every year is far more broken than worn out… My wife now buys me five or six cheap keyboards at one time…

  22. Would you compare it with other works of the same theme? (Do you think “other people’s children” are better, and magnify the shortcomings of your own works?)

  A: On the surface, I will humbly say that the other party’s work is well written, I will give a reward, I will vote for it, and I will promote it to others.

  When I was the only one left in the study, I had only one comment left on their books – rubbish!

  23. In fact, your works can be regarded as one of the best in the industry. Compared with others, will you be very proud?

  A: When people are middle-aged, they have to speak their minds. Pride is a certain thing. Even if you count the number one or two, you will be scolded. The reason is the same as what I said above.

  24. In the beginning of your creative career, your works were more serious, and later on, do you feel that there is a gap? Will there be a sense of loss? (My creative career is different from the original plan, will I be lost?)

  A: I asked Zhang Xianliang what works are good works. Zhang Xianliang said that as long as they comply with laws and regulations, and can support themselves and their family, they are good works. , so where did the loss come from? Full of pride!

  25. Do you have any dissatisfaction with him, do you want to give up on him?

  A: To be honest… very profitable… reluctant.

  26. What are your expectations for the work?

  A: The praises are all over the world, and the bad reviews are like a tide.

  27. Do you feel disappointed if your work doesn’t develop as expected according to your expectations? Or will you be pleasantly surprised by the feedback your work gets (growth from readers)?

  Answer: You will have this kind of worry in the early days. Don’t joke. Get up in the middle of the night and look at the subscription value. I used to do it in the book review area. An enhanced performance.

  28. If you compare your work to a child, what do you want to say to him, or what do you want him to become?

  A: Win the readers well, attract readers a lot, make everyone fall in love with you, and you disdain anyone.

  29. What is your motivation for your creation (or career) and what goals do you want to achieve?

  A: When I saw this question, I wanted to cry a lot. When I first started writing ” Tang Bricks  , it was when my life was the most difficult. I told my wife that if this book could bring two children to my family every month Thousands of dollars in income, I am satisfied.

  As a result, the first month’s manuscript fee was more than 27,000. I didn’t believe it at all. I almost thought my editor-in-chief, Yi Suo, was a super liar.

  I went to the ATM machine downstairs in the middle of the night like my wife was a thief, and checked it three times before confirming.

  Immediately another question arose, what if Qidian Chinese website’s finances were wrong?

  Gritting his teeth, he asked, and after confirming that the amount was correct, he breathed a sigh of relief.

  30. What was the purpose of your creation in the first place? (Is it to become famous or to get rich and support a family? Or is there any other goal)

  A: At that time, I owed a lot of debt for buying a house. My eyes were full of money. How could I think of anything else?


I usually don’t speak, but as long as I speak, it is earth-shattering! ! !

————Aiwangwen public account announcement.

I am with me on the road to becoming a god.

——The original review study discussion group.

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