[Interview with Longmen] The author of “Tang Brick” and Part 2 – Platinum is just a sign to make money…  

Real name, Yun Hong.  Age: 44.  Sex: Male.  Nationality: Han.  Current residence: Baiyin City, Gansu Province.  Height: 173.  Weight: 183.  Pseudonym: Solitary and 2.  Used pen names: Shui Dongliu, Ren Dong, He Jianqiang.  Works: ” Tang Brick “ , ” The Wisdom of the Great Song Dynasty “ , ” Silver Fox “ , ” Han Township ” , ”

Real name, Yun Hong.
  Age: 44.
  Sex: Male.
  Nationality: Han.
  Current residence: Baiyin City, Gansu Province.
  Height: 173.
  Weight: 183.
  Pseudonym: Solitary and 2.
  Used pen names: Shui Dongliu, Ren Dong, He Jianqiang.
  Works: ” Tang Brick  , ” The Wisdom of the Great Song Dynasty  , ” Silver Fox  , ” Han Township ” , ” Han Luo  , “The Moon Is Lost  , ” Turtle City  , etc.   Affiliation of Writers Association: Vice Chairman of Baiyin Writers Association, Director of Gansu Writers Association, member of China Writers Association.   Current Occupation: Full-time writer.

Occupation: Many… not to mention, usually hobbies – writing, cooking.

A recent photo of the loneliness and the two great gods

  Linjiangxian: Do you have any advice for adherents of traditional literature if they write online articles?
  Solitary and 2: Generally not recommended.
  Lin Jiangxian: I remember you mentioned before that there is a very talented traditional writer around you.
  Solitary and 2: I am the chairman of the local Writers Association, and I once advised traditional writers to monetize their works.
  As a result, Wang Chengyao died, which has become my biggest regret.
  Linjiangxian: Uh… This is indeed a pity.
  Solitary and 2: Wang Chengyao is a very good traditional writer. Later, he suffered from the symptoms of ALS. I donated money to him for two years. As a result, people felt ashamed. Then lay down on the bed and write.
  Solitary and 2: Finally, passed away.
  Linjiangxian: This kind of disease can’t be solved without writing online articles, right? Can’t you put this pot on your head?
  Solitary and 2: The problem is that many local writers think that Wang Chengyao is exhausted.
  Lin Jiangxian: Uh uh… This logic… Lin Jiangxian: Do you have any advice for authors who are interested in writing historical novels?
  Solitary and 2: I have a piece of advice for historical web writers – don’t take your things too seriously, you are a storyteller, you are a person who sells words, don’t have any lofty sentiments, don’t If you feel that history should not be changed, let alone feel that you must be faithful to history, jump out of this circle and read online articles again, and you will find that all historical figures are just characters written by you, and all historical events are just the needs of the plot.
  Solitary and 2: Your novels are very important to you, but history is not. If someone really wants to taste history in historical online novels, I generally recommend books such as Shiji and Zizhi Tongjian.
  Lin Jiangxian: In other words, the reason why readers like to read historical novels is that they want to read novels that are different from “history”. Linjiang Xian: If it’s the same as “history”, why don’t you go to see the splendid song by the historians, the rhythmless and LisaoWhat about History ?
  Solitary and 2: Since the appearance of time travel characters, you have written historical legends, not history, and your own stories, not what actually happened in history.
  Solitary and 2: I wrote an article on this, and I send it to you.
  Linjiangxian: Okay, or you can post it directly in the original comment of Longkong. I can also use the authority to add an essence to you.
  Solitary and 2: Okay.
  Linjiangxian: During the interview with Ergen, Ergen mentioned the author’s change in mentality. So before and after you became famous, did your writing mentality change? What are the differences in the specific implementation of the work?
  Solitary and 2: The direct reflection of the mentality change in me is that it pays more attention to commerciality, rather than literature and other things.
  Linjiangxian: Can you give me an example? For example, which book was written, which ones were sacrificed, and which ones were paid attention to?
  Solitary and 2: This sounds like a step backwards, but in fact this is the real world of online literature. Solitary and 2: Among the four books I have written, ” Tangzhuan 
  is the worst in structure and writing , and ” The Wisdom of the Song Dynasty  with the best writing and novel . However, the difference between the two is 20,000 yuan. Many, Tang bricks are definitely over 45,000, and the wisdom of the Song Dynasty is only more than 20,000, which is the worst in all my books.   Linjiangxian: So what do you think is the reason for such a big gap?   Solitary and 2: The wisdom of Da Song is written in cinematic language, which naturally sacrifices many unreliable bloody plots. A little less of the pleasure that reading an online novel must have.   Solitary and 2: The plot is reasonable, but there is no content that makes readers madly chase. In several books, 

The Wisdom of the Song Dynasty is the most readable, but it is not suitable for online texts.
  Solitary and 2: This is why ” The Wisdom of the Song Dynasty “ can help me win the Mao Dun Literature Award Newcomer Award.
  Lin Jiangxian: I have heard the wisdom of the Song Dynasty in the Himalayas. I can even automatically think of the next sentence when the anchor says the last sentence, and sometimes I can hear the wrong words of the uneducated anchor.
  Solitary and 2: Thank you.
  Lin Jiangxian: I am a Chinese major and have a certain sensitivity to words.
  Solitary and 2: After a few years, I can no longer write, so I will revise and compress all my works, and write them again. It will look better at that time.
  Linjiangxian: I just mentioned Ergen, but Ergen has also encountered your troubles. His “The Devil “ is also more rigorous and more literary than “The Immortal ” , but the results are much worse.
  Solitary and 2: Very helpless…
  Linjiangxian: This seems to be a phenomenon in the Internet literature circle.
  Solo and 2: I can’t tell.
  Linjiangxian: Internet readers are the most tolerant. They don’t require you to be rigorous, logical, or writing.
  Solitary and 2: They are the best readers.
  Linjiangxian: They only want stories, good stories, interesting and interesting stories.
  Solitary and 2: Yes, a few thousand readers threatened me with monthly tickets a few days ago, and forbid me to write the mortal supporting characters in the book to death…
  Linjiangxian: Recently, there is a book from the starting point.” Dad, this seems to be the Great Song Dynasty “ , have you read the book? Facing the author’s ridicule, I don’t know how you feel.
  Solitary and 2: I haven’t read it. I generally don’t read historical web articles. It’s not that I can’t read them, but I’m afraid of homogenization.
  Solitary and 2: Some things will leave an impression in your mind after you read them once. You may use them unknowingly when you write, which is very bad.
  Below is the question and answer session of Longyou.

  @Moxiao. I want to know how Brother 2 arranged the red sleeves?

  Solitary and 2: Red Sleeve is the main heroine of the second half of Hanxiang, and is now being developed.

  @Stryker. I just wanted to know how Longkong felt about the big fire and how he felt about the fire at the starting point?

  Solitary and 2: “It’s the convention,”

  @RolloverMaster. I have always liked history, but I always felt that it would be very fake if I didn’t check a lot of information. But if you look up the history, it will be very tiring, and you don’t even know where to start. Did you have such an experience when you first wrote history in Solitary 2? If so, is there any solution to it?

  Solitary and 2: The accumulation of historical knowledge is very important. First of all, you must have a general understanding of history, so that you will have a general impression when arranging the plot, and then read these events specifically.

  @The Fool of Sand. Yo hoo, 2 gods, how did you spend the thousands of dollars for the first time? I guess I must eat roast lamb legs every day~

  Solitary and 2: My first manuscript fee was not a few thousand, but 26,000. I have never seen so much money before, so I compensated my wife (the wife sold the jewelry when I bought the house) and my son. , to compensate myself for a good computer, spent two days and was very happy.

  @He Chenmin. I would like to ask how the great gods deal with the characters? After all, many historical figures have distinct characteristics, and it will definitely take careless effort to create them again!

  Solitary and 2: This is the meaning of online novels, giving everyone a different world and a different history.

  @Homeless. Why did you choose such a pseudonym in the first place, did you consider the problem that readers would not read it?

  Solitary and 2: I wrote seven or eight good-sounding and majestic pen names, but none of them were able to register successfully, so I had to roll the keyboard.

  @黄三刀. Except for the silver fox and lost, the rest of the book did not fall.

  Solo and 2: “Thank you, thank you very much.”

  Da Da has put so much effort into Huo Guang and a lot of space to describe it. However, it makes readers not feel that they have grabbed the limelight of the protagonist, and they can still watch it with relish. How did you do it? Solitary and 2: Huo Guang has the shadow of Yunlang on his body. Readers will feel that Huo Guang’s success is even more enjoyable than the success of pig’s feet. Of course, he will soon be kicked into the deep mountains and forests as a robber. Linjiangxian: Is this a spoiler? I have always liked the writing style of greatness. May I ask what books do you usually read?

  Solitary and 2: Internet writers must read books, because we want to construct the world, so, must read books, read a lot of books, I spend more time reading books a day than writing books, for example, I am currently studying ” Historical Records “ “

  The big coffee shop is so big, so it’s better to receive less advertisements, especially the Han Township Army, gathering orders, summoning book friends to fight the world together… Occasionally, it’s OK to send one, but sometimes there are advertisements after several chapters in a row, which is a bit annoying . [hide] Solitary and 2: “I wrote the game settings for others. The contract is completed, so it shouldn’t be.”[/hide] @I am greater than. I wonder, how did he create the character of the dog.

  Solitary and 2: The plot needs, and setting the characters according to the plot is what we must do.

  @Hanqi. Is the author surnamed Yun? In addition, according to himself, he is a middle-aged uncle. How did he think of the pit of middle-aged entry into the Internet?

  Solo and 2: Yes, my name is Yunhong, and it is completely forced by life to enter the Internet.

  @eastern star. How do you arrange your writing time? How many hours and how many words do you write a day?

@Smoke 235. In this type of historical article written by the author, does the reader dislike the plot of war and official battle in the novel? How to grasp the rhythm of the plot of war and official battle? Are there any skills for N chapters of daily life + N chapters of war/gongdou?

  Solitary and 2: I have always been promoting my strengths and circumventing my weaknesses. I am good at writing about life and dialogues, but war and palace fighting are not my strengths. Generally, it is not because it is necessary to write. I will definitely avoid writing about war and palace fighting.

  @curly fish bones. I would like to ask how 2 Fatty transitioned from prose to online text, and is there any experience in overcoming difficulties worth sharing in the process?

  Loneliness and 2: Throw away the things that you insisted on before, and you must throw them away. Writing online articles in the form of prose will lead to a miserable death.

  @Heart is like Aoi empty like water. I want to ask him how to deal with pretending, especially when he is slapped in the face by the villain.

  Solo and 2: Answer: “My pig’s feet are usually slapped in the face by the ancients.”

  @Death Card Reaper. As a platinum author, Zi and 2 Great Gods, I would like to ask, in the process of writing, how can historical novels avoid creating thunder points caused by ancient characters that do not meet readers’ expectations?

  Solitude and 2: Platinum is a sign of making money, not a level. We have no way to satisfy the appetite of every reader. We can only satisfy the appetite of some people, especially the appetite of most people. It is very important to add our own understanding of the ancients. Easy to come alive.

  @bingqing. I would like to ask how 2 Gods searched for relevant materials and materials when writing historical novels, and what difficulties and difficulties they encountered in writing. Solo and 2: You only need to search. You have this knowledge point to know where to search. You must read more books. The thing, remember that 2 God said that he has a son, will he train his son to follow the path of net writing? Also, how has his mentality changed since you became famous? Will he become a rich second generation who fights for his father? , After all, the mentality of ordinary people will definitely change from ordinary to rich, not to mention that when Er Shen was just a child, how would Er Shen pay attention to the education and training of children? [hide] Solo and 2: Answer : My son is a science student and is studying computer science at university. Maybe because I am older, I am 44 this year, and my view on wealth is relatively objective. The house has grown, and I have a car, nothing else has changed, [/hide] @家三。 I want to ask why his pseudonym didn’t change back to loneliness and having a 2. It’s very uncomfortable.

  Solitary and 2: Because Solitary is used by someone.

  @ Sweet Potato Xiaomengxin. How do you remember writing a web article?

  Solo and 2: Because of the compulsion of life, because I have no ability to make money except for the ability to write.

  @ Xiaochi Pan Apricot Blossom. I really want to ask 2 Gods, the life scenes in the novels, such as the first volume of the silver fox, are all about daily life, how are these plots conceived, or where did the inspiration come from.

  Solitary and 2: From life, the advantage of getting older is to see more.

  @kenryAhhh. Why don’t facts and characters in historical fiction conflict?

Solitude 2: “Write less big things and more small things”

  @lk where water. Ask 2 gods, what do you have to say to a digital station?

Solitary and 2: I’m not suitable for digital station, there is nothing to say.

  Linjiang Xian: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to accept the interview of our Dragon Sky Forum – Longmen Interview Special Column, and thank you very much for your generous sharing and honesty. Grant. Here, on behalf of the official forum of Longkong and the vast number of Longkong friends, I wish you a more brilliant future. I also sincerely invite you to come to Longkong frequently to impart some writing experience and give more help to newcomers who are interested in online literature creation.

Solitary and 2: Thank you, thank you for your blessings, I will come to Longkong often. After all, it is my habit to look at Longkong every few days.

I usually don’t speak, but as long as I speak, it is earth-shattering! ! !

————Aiwangwen public account announcement.

I am with me on the road to becoming a god.

——The original review study discussion group.

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