Don’t let capital coerce our culture and creation

Let me explain first, I have been a person who has been writing online novels as an amateur since 2009. However, due to amateur creation, the update is not stable, and the novels I have

Let me explain first, I have been a person who has been writing online novels as an amateur since 2009. However, due to amateur creation, the update is not stable, and the novels I have basically written are also on the street.

But I still insist on writing novels as a hobby.

However, after 2018, I ran to create a public account and self-media, and I had no time to write online novels.

At present, there are also some achievements. It has accumulated 230,000 fans, and the daily reading volume of articles is more than 50,000. It is considered to have a little influence.

My official account is positioned to analyze current affairs and economics.

So it stands to reason that writing and reading is a bit inconsistent with the style of my official account.

But I thought about it carefully today. As an author who used to be an online novel, I think it is still necessary for me to say a few words to our author.

So today I also wrote this 10,000-character long article on my official account.

I still hope to make some insignificant contributions to our original content creators.

====The following is the main text======Recently, the content of my articles has been around the epidemic, oil, economy and other major events related to international games. However, my creative scope is still very wide. As long as I am interested in things, I will write about them. Like last year ‘s ” Wandering Earth “ and ” Nezha “When a movie that made my eyes shine in this way, I wrote a 4D movie review because of it. So I’ve talked a lot about international events recently. Today, let’s change the taste and talk about culture. Although compared with some major international events, what I want to write today focuses more on certain phenomena in the industry, and the impact is not so great. But in fact, we can see from it and learn from it, to spy on some of the problems that we currently have in which capital coerces public opinion, capital coerces culture, and capital coerces creation. And these issues are closely related to our daily life. This article will continue to maintain the consistent style of my articles, and will help you see the details through logical analysis. The entry point of today’s article first comes from some recent news from China Literature. Speaking of this reading group, people who may not understand the online novel industry, do not know much about it. However, when it comes to “QQ Reading” and “Starting Reading” under China Reading Group, it is estimated that many people who do not read online novels should have heard of it. In recent days, China Literature Group has undergone a major change of blood, the original CEO of the company has been replaced, and then the newly launched “free model” has caused huge controversy. Including the newly launched “contract” by China Literature Group for online novel authors, the content includes some terms such as “appointing authors” and “entrusting creation” that are completely unacceptable to authors. This has caused huge controversy. In fact, we can see that in today’s increasingly powerful capital, capital has actually penetrated into every aspect of our lives. For example, the phenomenon of buying hot searches and withdrawing hot searches on some social media is now a thing that everyone is accustomed to. Not only Weibo, but in fact, in the era of highly developed information on the mobile Internet, but due to the existence of the “information cocoon room”, people are too lazy to find more information and rely on the information recommended by the platform. This makes it possible for capital to manipulate public opinion by manipulating the information passed to us and carefully creating an “information cocoon”. This is particularly evident in the current European and American countries. And here, there are already signs. For another example, now all kinds of traffic stars and small fresh meat are in power. Behind this is actually a lot of capital to concoct traffic stars through packaging and hype. This makes some people who have no works and no talents suddenly become top traffic stars inexplicably. And behind these top traffic stars, in fact, most of them have the shadow of capital operation. Including Douyin, which is commonly used by many of us now, is more and more full of traces of capital operation packaging. From the star-chasing culture of our young people, to the channels we usually obtain information, to the current field of cultural creation. In fact, there are already shadows of capital operation everywhere. It’s actually hard to say what’s wrong with this. For example, it is impossible to change a novel into an animation, a film and television drama, or even a movie without the operational support of capital. Therefore, it is difficult for our cultural industry to grow without the support of capital operation. But the problem is that in the process of capital operation, if there is no mutual restraint, capital is allowed to pursue profits. Then the entire cultural industry chain, from content creators to final consumers, will only become a tool for capital to harvest profits. In fact, as long as it is profitable, capital does not care about the quality of the content, so that bad money drives out good money. In the end, our entire cultural industry will become a very empty vase. This is actually quite fatal. Especially in the context of the current red and blue dispute, how do we play the game with the United States in all aspects, which naturally includes how we play the game with the United States on the cultural level. If our domestic capital does not respect content creators and consumers, it will be even more difficult for us to catch up with the United States in the cultural industry. These are the propositions I mainly want to analyze in today’s article. Then I will start with the China Literature Group’s major change of blood and launch of a new contract as an entry point to help you analyze it in depth. (1) The development of online novels I myself have written online novels before, and have also made games, and now I am working on this official account full-time. Basically, they are also engaged in “content creation” related work. Although I now have little time to write online novels because of my full-time work on the official account of “Da Baihua Current Affairs”. However, I am relatively familiar with the online novel industry. As an emerging cultural industry in recent years, online novels are actually becoming more and more influential. Everyone should also find that in recent years, more and more TV series and movies are adapted from online novels, and many of them are popular. Online novels have grown from a small industry with a scale of less than 100 million a dozen years ago and suffered from people’s prejudice, to an emerging cultural industry with an output value of hundreds of billions and a readership of more than 300 million today, and its influence is naturally growing. In the past ten years, online novels have basically been in a state of “savage growth”, no one loves and no one loves them, and there is still a problem that a large number of readers read pirated copies. But even so, online novels have still developed to where they are today. Among them, the VIP payment model of “Starting Point Chinese Network” is indispensable. Objectively speaking, “Starting Point Chinese Network” launched the VIP payment model in 2003, which has truly supported a large number of online novel writers. Therefore, Qidian also based on this, and attracted a large number of online novel writers at that time to join its own website. In the end, in less than two years, Qidian basically completed its monopoly on the web market, which was not large at the time. Afterwards, Qidian was also acquired by Shanda at the end of 2004. This is the first time that capital has intervened in the online novel industry, but the ending is not very good. Due to copyright disputes, a fierce conflict broke out between the founding team of Qidian and Shanda Literature. In the end, this matter ended with the founding team of the starting point resigning and running away. But this is also another new beginning. The founding team of Qiqi is headed by Wu Wenhui, who was also the leader when Qiqi was established and is known as the founder of the online novel industry. After Wu Wenhui resigned from Shanda Literature in 2013, he finally took the starting point of the founding team and defected to the biggest rival of Shanda Games at that time, namely Tencent. In 2014, Tencent announced the establishment of “Tencent Literature”, and Wu Wenhui was the CEO of Tencent Literature. In 2015, Tencent Literature officially acquired Shanda Literature and merged with it to form the “Yuewen Group”, and Wu Wenhui became the CEO of the “Yuewen Group”. So far, China Literature Group has integrated all the original resources of Tencent Literature and Shanda Literature. Integrating QQ Reading and Starting Point Reading, the two giants in the domestic online literature field, will truly allow the online literature industry to enter the fast lane of capital operation. At this point in the story, Wu Wenhui’s experience has also become a very typical case of counterattack. After being kicked out by the old club, I ended up going to the new club to make a comeback. After two years, I bought the old club back. However, Wu Wenhui also buried a hidden danger for himself here. That is, he did not completely rely on his own strength to complete the acquisition of Shanda Literature. He relied on the giant Tencent, and finally was able to acquire Shanda Literature and bring back the “Starting Point Chinese Network”. After that, China Literature Group became a tool for profit-making in the capital market after it was listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2017. Due to the listing and financing, the equity of the founding team of Qiqi was further diluted. And Wu Wenhui and others obviously don’t have the skills of real business bigwigs such as Jack Ma, and they lack the ability to compete with capital, or in other words, their ability to lead capital in turn. After China Literature Group went public, its share price has dropped from the highest of 110 yuan for more than two years. At its lowest, China Literature’s share price was only 22.95 yuan. From 110 yuan to 22. 95 yuan, down to only 1/5 of the highest point. This is obviously because the capital market does not recognize the current business operation model of China Literature Group. Capital is profit-seeking. After a company goes public, making money for shareholders becomes the company’s most basic obligation. At present, Tencent only has 26% of the shares of China Literature Group, which is the largest shareholder of China Literature Group. So in fact, it can also be seen that Tencent is not satisfied with the current business operation model of China Literature Group. This led to the huge turmoil surrounding the “free model” of the China Literature Group. Because Wu Wenhui has always insisted on the VIP payment system he founded in 2003, he believes that only the VIP payment system can truly support a large number of middle and low-level authors. However, in the eyes of capital, the VIP payment system is not a good system. Especially when the free strategy of the “Toutiao Department” is in power, Tencent, which has been under the offensive pressure of the “Toutiao Department”, finally has to take action on its own literature industry, and also follow the steps of the Toutiao Department to carry out this kind of work. Free strategy. And Wu Wenhui may have to choose to quit sadly and resign as CEO of China Literature Group because he did not agree with such a strategic switch. Since Wu Wenhui was not alone in the resignation of China Literature Group this time, it also included several other executives, which led to speculations from all parties. That’s how this whole thing started. (2) The free pie is not delicious. Let’s analyze this free pie. First of all, let’s talk about the VIP payment system that has been going on for 17 years. In fact, in other domestic cultural industries, the VIP payment system for online literature has instead become a maverick existence, because only online literature has implemented such a payment system. The VIP payment system of online literature, simply put, readers need to pay for subscriptions to read books. Generally speaking, the first 200,000 words of online novels are free. After reading the first 200,000 words, if readers feel good and want to continue reading, they need to pay for a subscription. This money is not too much, usually about 5 cents for 1,000 words now. According to the usual calculation of 5,000 words per day for the author of online articles, the reader only needs to spend 2.2 per day to follow a novel of a reader. 5 cents, 91 yuan a year. This money is now, that is, the money to go out for a meal for two. It’s not a lot, but this little bit of paid reading money has supported a large number of online novel authors in the past ten years by gathering sand into towers. Even if 99% of the authors can get a monthly manuscript fee of about 2,000, it also gives a large number of people with dreams in their hearts the motivation to continue to persevere. According to this VIP payment model, readers spend 5 cents per 1,000 words, half of which will be owned by the platform, which is the starting point. The other half belongs to the author, which is a 55-point cooperation agreement. Normally, this is fair, because the author needs to rely on the starting point platform to give various recommendations and exposure opportunities, so that readers have the opportunity to see this novel. The starting point has established a cruel book competition system through the editor recommendation system. For example, if you change a batch of books every week and go to a certain recommendation position PK, whoever has better recommendation effect and more people who read it will have the opportunity to get the next better recommendation. On the other hand, if the book you write does not perform well after being recommended by the editor, and not many people read it, then it is likely to be put into the cold palace, and there will be no chance to recommend it again. The starting point is through this seemingly cruel, but actually relatively fair system, so that web writers can form a strong mutual competition mechanism. It is also this kind of competition mechanism that ultimately makes every popular novel basically go through full competition and break out of the siege. Whether it can be put on the shelves or not depends on the quality of the content of the book written by the author. If you write well, people will read it. If the writing is not good-looking, fewer people will read it. Online literature is also based on such a relatively fair competition mechanism, and has been able to continue to develop in the past ten years. For the Qidian platform, recommending books that more people like to read can increase their own income, which is also a virtuous circle in itself. However, this actually has some drawbacks. For example, the competition mechanism that is completely oriented towards readers makes it easy for authors to create creations that fully cater to readers. This is actually the reason why online literature is often criticized as “routine”, “little white” and “fast food”. In order to allow readers to pay for it, the author usually racks his brains to think about how to make the reader feel more comfortable, so by studying the psychology of readers, the current relatively mature mode of routine cool text has emerged. Let online literature always have this kind of fast food problem. But in any case, the VIP payment system of online literature has supported hundreds of thousands of authors in the past ten years at least. It also truly allows those who were originally poor and lacking any social resources to have the opportunity to start from scratch. Because here is at least an industry that uses “content of the work” itself as the most important criterion. As for the question of how to improve the quality of fast food, it will naturally improve as the level of readers improves. In fact, in the past two years, there have been many more and more fine works in online literature, which are not so fast food, but also have more depth, and are also widely liked by people. Therefore, the problem of fast food online literature, I think, is only a problem of solving the material foundation first, and then solving the spiritual pursuit. However, all this, in the current free wave, seems a little shaky. One of the biggest advantages of the VIP payment system is that the platform and the author are a cooperative relationship, and the income is 55 points. Half of the money readers spend on this book can go directly to the author’s royalties. This subscription income is the most intuitive income for authors. Compared with the illusory IP and copyright, most authors at the starting point rely on two or three thousand subscription income per month to live. Online literature is intense and brutal. Although the threshold for creating online literature is very low, most of them are unable to write on the shelves, because their grades are not up to standard. According to my own rough estimation, online authors can write to the people who get the manuscript fee, which is about 10%. That is to say, the other 90% can only write half of it, because not many people read it, and it stopped abruptly. But among the 10% who can get the manuscript fee, at most 90% can only get a subsistence allowance of about 2,000. The other 10% can be slightly more, and can get a stable monthly income of several thousand yuan, and some can occasionally get a monthly income of tens of thousands of yuan. However, under this huge base of low-income authors, there are high-income god-level authors at the top. For example, the top ten platinum writers in the starting point can basically earn a monthly income of hundreds of thousands. Moreover, such top-ranked writers usually have a large amount of game copyright income, copyright income for changing series, and so on. Counting these, the top writers at the starting point can usually earn millions or even tens of millions of dollars a year. This kind of pyramid effect is based on the result of full competition, so everyone will not say anything. The vast number of authors who are at the bottom of the tower can only take those god-level authors who also climbed up from the bottom of the tower as themselves. Goal to continue to hold on to your dreams. But in any case, at least these authors at the bottom of the tower can barely support themselves through the VIP payment system, so that they can continue to write. 125 yuan, 1,000 readers pay to subscribe, the author can get 125 yuan per day, and 3,750 yuan per month. With this income, this online novel author can at least support himself and keep writing. But the free era is different. According to the free model that China Reading Group is going to launch, readers read books, in fact, just like watching video apps, they are all viewed through a monthly membership service. For example, readers can read all novels on the APP for free as long as they open a monthly membership. Then this involves the question of how to share the cost with the author. Before the VIP payment system, how many readers subscribed to this book, the author can see the intuitive data in the background. But if according to the free system, China Literature has uniformly collected the monthly membership fee, then how to distribute the monthly membership fee to the author becomes a completely opaque huge black box. It is clear that in the free model, the income of those top authors may not change much, because these top authors are the source of traffic support for the website, so the website must be willing to give a large part of the income to these top authors. author. However, the income of those middle and low-level authors is completely unprotected. To put it bluntly, how much income the website wants to give these middle and low-level authors depends entirely on the mood of the website, which is similar to charity. Unlike the VIP payment system, it is so transparent and intuitive. The author’s own rights are not fully protected. So why can video sites charge through this membership system? First of all, video websites usually buy out the copyright of movies and series directly at one time. After the buyout, there is naturally no problem of sharing with the producer. In short, video websites first collect monthly subscription fees and advertising fees, and then use these funds to buy out the copyright of film and television dramas, and make profits through the difference in the middle. But online literature is a model that is divided with authors, so naturally it is not suitable for this monthly subscription model. Although online literature also has a buyout system, for most authors, they hold on to the dream of becoming a god. If the work is bought out, it is equivalent to helping people work, and the author’s creative willingness will naturally not be so strong. . In fact, in the turmoil caused by the China Literature Group, the newly launched contract was also dissatisfied by the majority of authors. That is, in the new contract of China Literature Group, concepts such as “employment” and “entrusted creation” are also written. This has actually become the meaning of the author being hired by the platform to help the platform write novels, and all copyrights belong to the platform. In other words, in the new free model, the author has become a tool to help capital work, rather than the previous relationship between the author and the platform. This is why this time China Literature Group’s new contract and this free model will arouse the author’s disgust. (3) Free is a tool for capital harvesting In fact, why China Literature Group did not hesitate to arouse public anger to promote the free model this time is actually a helpless move under the current capital trend. The rise of free reading apps in the second half of 2018 broke the 15-year-old paid game rules in the online literature market. Seven Cats from Palm Read, Mi Du from Qutoutiao, Lian Shang Literature with a grand background, and Tomato Novels from Toutiao have attracted a large number of users with the “free + advertising” model, and have also become the new darlings of the capital market. Among them, Mi Reading is the most beautiful. Half a year after the launch of MiRead, the number of daily active users exceeded 5 million, and the ranking quickly climbed to the third place in the online literature industry. In October 2019, MiRead received a $100 million Series B financing led by CMC. By the end of 2019, Midu had accumulated nearly 200 million readers, nearly 10 million daily active users, and the average daily usage time was 2 hours. Undoubtedly, this has brought enormous pressure to China Literature Group. So why did Tencent make a big change to the China Literature Group this time to pave the way for the implementation of the free model, in fact, it was also to deal with the fierce attack of the headline department. However, I personally think that Tencent missed an opportunity to differentiate itself from Toutiao. Instead, it fell into the predicament of homogeneous competition with Toutiao. The biggest advantage of China Reading Group is that it has gathered the largest group of original authors in China through the VIP charging model. If China Literature forcibly promotes the free model, and loses the hearts of the authors, and breaks up this huge group of original authors, then it will only pick sesame and lose watermelon. Without the support of a large group of original authors, Tencent’s competition with Toutiao’s “free model” is undoubtedly taking what it is not good at and competing with its opponents where it is best. Why has Weishi been unable to compete with Douyin? In fact, the reason is almost the same. The huge group of original authors is the most valuable asset of China Reading Group. Can the Reading Group know? I also know that, but there are also issues of interest behind this. In fact, regardless of the headline department or other current content creation platforms, it is a model in which the platform takes the big head and the content creator takes the small head. Usually original content creators can only get about 20% of the income, and channels usually take 80%. Moreover, in this process, the channel will actually deduct a lot of revenue secretly, and how much is given is completely determined by the channel. Content creators are absolutely vulnerable in the face of these channel capital. This makes China Literature Group’s 55-year account-sharing model with the author that stands out from the crowd. This kind of cooperation model, which shares the interests of the author with the author, makes those capital who are hungry for profit feel extremely puzzled. They don’t understand why they have to give the author so much money when the channel is in their own hands. Taking QQ Reading as an example, China Reading Group often conducts promotions on QQ Reading, including monthly membership services, which can read books for free. In fact, if you read books for free on QQ reading through a monthly subscription, the authors of the starting point usually have no way to get the income from the royalties. The capital masters the channel, and then harvests the content creators through the channel, which is the most accustomed mode of harvesting for these capitals. So, the free model is actually the best tool for harvesting these capitals. Because in this way, content creators are just tools for working for capital. After capital has collected so much content, it can carry out capital operations in the name of “IP” packaging, and obtain high profits from it, and the whole process is It has nothing to do with the author anymore, and all this money is taken away by the capital. In fact, this is also a common capital operation mode in the current film, series and other fields that require a high degree of industrialization. For example, the crew members are all paid, and the investors invest, and the investors basically take the bulk of the income they get. But online literature creation is different from film and television dramas. Like movies and series, they all need to be commercialized and operated in teams, and cannot be done by individuals alone. Especially in modern times, movies have become the film industry, with a mature industry chain and a high threshold for creation. However, online novels are different. As long as a computer is required, individual creators can independently write a novel. During the whole process, online novel writers can create independently without relying on capital investment at all. Because of this, online literature has the basis for the VIP payment system. Because online novels are completely the crystallization of the author’s own thoughts, the platform only helps to recommend, the author has the right to share half of the income, and has the right to retain his own copyright and authorship. This is the biggest characteristic of online novels as a cultural content situation with the lowest threshold for creation. In fact, in some mature industry chains in foreign countries, such as Japan and Hollywood, novels have always been an important source of content creation. Because the threshold for novel creation is low, so many people are engaged in creation, which will form a huge library of story plots. These story libraries will bring huge materials to various adaptations. Like Japan’s animation industry, there are many adaptations of novels. How to protect the income of novel authors and respect the creators of content sources is a very mature practice in Japan. When we are building our own cultural industry, how to strike a balance between capital and the interests of authors is the most important issue at present. Obviously, in this case, the capital did not fully consider the interests of the author, and it can even be said that it only thinks about how to harvest the author and readers, so as to obtain more profits. If this situation continues, more and more content creators will eventually have to give up because they cannot earn enough to support themselves. This is not the gospel of our domestic cultural industry. So readers seem to benefit from being free, but what they lose is the possibility of seeing more good works in the future. (4) Influence of the monster of capital In fact, the influence of the monster of capital goes beyond online literature. It can even be said that online literature through the VIP payment system has been the last piece of pure land for my country’s cultural industry in the past ten years, a pure land that is not poisoned by capital. This makes it possible for our online literature to have hundreds of thousands of authors to create a huge library of material materials. Although most of these are fast food articles with serious albino and routine, the quality is also uneven. But under this huge base, there will always be a relatively large number of excellent works that are objectively produced. So it can be said that online literature is the bright spot of the cultural industry in my country in the past few years. Even in recent years, our country has continuously exported our own culture to the outside world through online literature. In the past few years, more and more foreigners are reading Chinese online novels. Like the above news, in 2017, a foreigner even gave up his drug addiction in order to catch up with Chinese online novels. Although this is mainly because of the cool nature of Chinese online novels, it is easy to make people addicted to reading. But behind Shuangwen, the novels created by our Chinese will inevitably have our own cultural characteristics, whether it is martial arts, immortals, or oriental fantasy, there will be more or less some of our cultural elements in it. These are actually cultural exports to the outside world. Of course, compared to the United States’ external cultural export through Hollywood, Japan’s external cultural export through animation. Our external cultural output through online novels is still weaker, and our influence is not that great. But this is indeed one of the few bright spots in our foreign cultural export over the past few years. And we can do this, it is based on the huge creative crowd of online novels. The reason why the online search can maintain such a large creative crowd is based on the VIP payment system, which allows the channel to return more revenue to the author. But now, under the power of capital, these channels want to re-exploit those gains from the authors. This will inevitably lead to a decline in the income of the entire network author group, and because the income of the top authors has not decreased much, the harvest of capital for the author group must come from the middle and low-level authors whose income is not high. Therefore, it can be said that the free reading mode promoted by Toutiao will inevitably lead to the shrinking of our entire online literature creation group. This is actually a kind of behavior of drying up the pond and fishing. But capital is such a short-sighted group that is accustomed to fishing when the waters dry up. As long as there is immediate profit, they dare to take risks. Therefore, in fact, this free reading mode, which is becoming more and more popular, will actually cause bad money to drive out good money. At that time, the author’s right to speak is weaker, and the channel right is stronger. It means that the channel only needs to raise a group of authors who are similar to gunmen. Only in this way, what kind of works can authors who lack sufficient competition and lack motivation to strive for their “own works” write? This is a big question. And without the support of a huge creative crowd, the probability that online novels want to be like a hundred flowers blooming to produce such a few high-quality works among hundreds of works is even lower. That’s why I say, in fact, this is a typical case of capital stifling creation. In fact, I always feel that the headlines are the most popular. The whirlwind that has been hanging in China in recent years has basically been doing the bad money to drive out the good money. The first is the “algorithmic recommendation mechanism” and “information flow mechanism” that “Today’s Toutiao” and “Douyin” are famous for, which are actually aggravating our “information cocoon room” effect in this mobile Internet era. In the information cocoon room, the information we can see and hear is pushed to us after careful calculation by the platform, and it is called “according to it”. But this kind of favoritism will actually only aggravate our tendency to “believe in the dark”, and not be able to “listen to the truth”. This is actually very bad for us to develop the habit of independent thinking. Including on Weibo, people are accustomed to the “simple and quick” information push method, which will inevitably lead to our habitual loss of the ability to think further under the “brainwashing” type of short, smooth and quick information bombardment. Because what you see on Weibo is usually repeating a certain type of view, and repeating it over and over to deepen the impact of this view on us, thereby changing our cognitive habits. This actually makes it more convenient for capital to manipulate public opinion and even the possibility of controlling our thoughts by creating an “information cocoon room”. In contrast, at present, only Zhihu in China has relatively more such thinking atmosphere. Because the answers on Zhihu are usually relatively long, when the author writes these answers, he answers them with thinking and dialectics. When readers read a long analysis, they will naturally think about it. Therefore, whether or not you agree with a certain point of view on Zhihu, at least it will protect the reader’s follow-up thinking ability. It is not like Weibo, which is full of all kinds of stereotyped brainwashing short and flat speeches. It just so happens that Weibo is also a public opinion community that is most deeply penetrated by capital. It has become a focus of public opinion among all parties. I created it myself because I was engaged in the creation of public accounts. In fact, I have established accounts on various platforms. For example, on Weibo, Zhihu, and Toutiao, I have created an account named “Astrology Dabai” to synchronously forward my articles. But in fact, after my own comprehensive experience, I have to say that the WeChat public account is a clear stream of these “content platforms”. For example, take today’s headlines as an example. On today’s headlines, for an article with 100,000+ readings, the author may earn only a few dozen yuan. On the WeChat public account, an article with 100,000+ reads can at least generate a few thousand yuan in income for the author. Among all content creation platforms, WeChat official account is the place that can generate the most income for authors. This is mainly due to the fact that the readers on the WeChat public account don’t receive any income from the author’s reward, and WeChat does not take any part of it, and gives the author all the money intact. And the income of articles such as today’s headlines will basically be deducted by more than half of the channel, and then some will be distributed to the author. This is mainly because today’s headlines and other platforms use algorithmic recommendation to push articles. They believe that you content creators can make income and rely on me to help you recommend them, so they think it is reasonable to deduct the money from these channels. as it should. The biggest feature of the WeChat official account is its self-closure. Articles on the WeChat official account do not rely on platform recommendations, so WeChat does not share much revenue from it. This is actually quite conscientious. In the media industry, it is a clear stream. This is actually related to WeChat’s own product positioning. In Tencent, WeChat has always been a small kingdom of its own, and it is difficult for other departments to encroach on WeChat. Therefore, if you want to add or delete some functions on WeChat, you must be cautious, and you will not easily put a lot of things into WeChat. However, there have been some changes in WeChat in recent years, such as the addition of a “look at” function to counter Toutiao’s algorithm recommendation, and the addition of a video account to counter Douyin. It is not clear whether WeChat wants to add these functions or whether it is based on the consideration of the entire Tencent strategy. But I only hope that the WeChat official account, a pure land that has not been invaded by capital in China at present, can be maintained forever. In fact, including the “paid articles” function that WeChat has recently been testing, it is also quite attractive. This paid graphic means that the first few hundred words of the article are free, and if you want to continue reading later, you need to pay to watch it. This is actually the exact opposite of the “free reading” model, but in recent years there has also been a popular trend of “knowledge payment” model. Including Knowledge Planet and Get is a successful case of this kind of knowledge payment model. WeChat, a paid graphic model, also follows a knowledge-based payment model. In fact, at that time, like online novel authors, they can completely serialize their novels on the WeChat public account, and open a paid graphic mode by themselves. In this way, how much money the reader spends reading the article, how much the author can earn, and there is no middleman to make the difference, which is even more beautiful. Of course, the closed nature of the WeChat official account itself is destined to not give you the opportunity to recommend some channels. So if you want to operate a public account, in fact, the most difficult stage is the initial stage of accumulating fans. When there are not many fans at the beginning, it is difficult for others to see what you write and spread. This is also the reason why people who do public accounts have to go to other platforms to drain traffic. However, if there are trade-offs, if you don’t want to rely on channels and work for capital, then you can only bear risks similar to starting a business independently. We don’t want capital to take advantage of us, but we can’t take advantage of it either. But at least it’s the way to go. For example, I plan to serialize my own novels in the future, and I only serialize them on the WeChat public account. At least in this way, I can write what I want to write without any capital restraint. Personally, I still hope that content creators in our domestic cultural entrepreneurship will have more right to speak. In fact, we can see that over the years, capital has made the cultural industry a mess. Like those live broadcasts of Internet celebrities, they are basically packaged by capital and then hyped up. There are even a large number of Internet celebrity packaging companies that use the method of assembly line production to concoct Internet celebrities. Including those top fresh meat and traffic stars, most of them also use the way of capital operation, through traffic hype, to inexplicably increase their exposure, so as to use the method of “making gods” to circle a large wave of idol worship phenomenon that lacks independent thinking fans , forming the so-called “fan circle culture”. In fact, there is no lack of capital operation behind this. Such idol-making movements can easily make all kinds of fan groups fall into a more extreme “information cocoon” and do some extreme things. There are many such cases. And these top-level traffic stars born through the capital creation movement, when they bring a lot of traffic, go to the entertainment and show business circles, and immediately get the “inside and outside” of the capital. This is actually a bit similar to the internal and external speculation in the stock market. What does that mean? For example, a certain capital packaged a traffic star, and after the traffic star was fired, the capital invested in another movie, and then the movie went to hire the traffic star at a high salary, and the money was inside the capital. One cycle is completed. In the process of this cycle, the capital has made high profits and harvested a large number of fans. It is our national cultural industry that is slandered. For example, in the past two years, there were even some small fresh meats with sky-high remuneration of 150 million yuan, and the remuneration of one small fresh meat alone accounted for 80% of the crew’s expenses. The reason why this strange phenomenon exists is actually the logic behind such a capital’s internal and external operations. This phenomenon is bound to have an extremely unfavorable impact on the entire cultural industry. Because for a production crew, when most of the funds are given to an actor, other funds, regardless of costumes, props, special effects, plots, etc., are likely to be less. This is also the reason why the country introduced a “salary limit order” for actors this year. It is to curb the hype of such capital in the cultural industry. So in fact, over the past few years, capital has penetrated into every aspect of our cultural industry. This itself is also the cultural industry that wants to further expand and develop rapidly, without the support of capital. But in the same way, if you blindly allow capital to harvest profits, it will inevitably lead to the emergence of the above hype. This is not conducive to the development of our cultural industry and those who really do a good job in their works. Fortunately, we still have The astronomical salary of 500 million yuan, the salary of a small fresh meat alone accounts for 80% of the crew’s expenses. The reason why this strange phenomenon exists is actually the logic behind such a capital’s internal and external operations. This phenomenon is bound to have an extremely unfavorable impact on the entire cultural industry. Because for a production crew, when most of the funds are given to an actor, other funds, regardless of costumes, props, special effects, plots, etc., are likely to be less. This is also the reason why the country introduced a “salary limit order” for actors this year. It is to curb the hype of such capital in the cultural industry. So in fact, over the past few years, capital has penetrated into every aspect of our cultural industry. This itself is also the cultural industry that wants to further expand and develop rapidly, without the support of capital. But in the same way, if you blindly allow capital to harvest profits, it will inevitably lead to the emergence of the above hype. This is not conducive to the development of our cultural industry and those who really do a good job in their works. Fortunately, we still have“The Wandering Earth “ , and ” Nezha “ such a group of creators who insist on doing good works above everything else exist. And they insisted on producing works for several years, and finally the box office was a big hit, counterattacking those works that were packaged by the traffic star Xiao Xianrou. This all shows that, in fact, the eyes of the masses are still sharp. What we like is the work itself, and this kind of vases that are hyped up through capital will only be lost to the public in the end. So in the face of these capital chaos, the most effective way we can do is to “vote with our feet”. Only by spending money on those good works can these profit-seeking capital invest money in the objects that should be invested. As long as there is no profit, these capital will die. So I still hope that in the process of capital and cultural industry development, the two can achieve a balance. Establishing a complete system to ensure that our content creators can obtain their due benefits is also the key to our national cultural industry being bigger and stronger in the future. Only in this way can more outstanding cultural creators be able to calm down and engage in creation, and more good works will emerge, so that in the face of such an impetuous society, they will eventually choose to follow the trend and give up, and be coerced by capital.

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