[Interview with Longmen] The author of “Library of Heaven’s Path” swept the horizon – the daily schedule of the author of the starting point. … … …

 About the author of this interview:   Author’s real name: Secret   Age: 35   Sex: Male   Nationality: Han   Current residence: Haixi, Qinghai   Height: Visually more than 1.75 meters   Weight: Over 150 by visual inspection   Pseudonym: Sweep the

 About the author of this interview:

  Author’s real name: Secret

  Age: 35

  Sex: Male

  Nationality: Han

  Current residence: Haixi, Qinghai

  Height: Visually more than 1.75 meters

  Weight: Over 150 by visual inspection

  Pseudonym: Sweep the World

  Previous pen name: none

  Title of works: ” Library of Heaven  , ” Endless Dantian  , “The King of Fighters  , ” Iori Temple  , etc.

  Honors: Member of Chinese Writers Association, member of Qinghai Writers Association, Deputy Director of Qinghai Provincial Network Literature Committee, Great God Writer of Reading Group, Internet Popular Writer, Taiwan Traditional Chinese Best-selling Writer.

  Current Occupation: Teacher

  Former occupation:

  Hobbies and interests: Going to work.

  A recent photo of sweeping the horizon

  Interview text

  Linjiang Xian: Hello Tianya Ju, is it convenient for us to accept an exclusive interview with our Dragon Sky special column [Longmen Interview]?

  Sweeping the world: I am free now, and I will go to put the child to sleep in a while.

  Linjiangxian: God is very busy… Then let’s make a long story short, let’s start directly.

  If you are asked to analyze, what do you think are the factors for the success of Tiandao Library?

  Sweeping the world: 1. Adapt to the trend. Before opening the book, I specially studied the most popular books in recent years from the starting point, and they were all verified by the market. Looking for their commonalities, speculating about what readers like and want to see recently, this book was born.

  2. The story is smooth and the writing is concise. A stable and fast-paced story, with a slap in the face and flowing water, coupled with concise writing and proper rendering, make the story more interesting.

  Linjiang Xian: Sure enough, no one can succeed casually. The great god has analyzed and prepared for so long in advance, and newcomers should work hard. Now that this is mentioned, can you talk about the commonalities you found when you analyzed Fire Books?

  Sweeping the world: I think the commonality is the desire to make readers continue to read. You have a good design in your own mind, but readers don’t like it, and it’s useless. When writing a book, since it is written for others to read, it must be based on the opinions of others and abandon your own self-righteousness. Only in this way can you write more popular works.

  Linjiangxian: In fact, it is to write interesting stories, try to give readers a reason to turn the page.

  Sweep the world: Yes, every chapter must have a sense of anticipation, let the readers look forward to continuing to read, let the readers enter your thoughts, so that they can subscribe and support.

  Linjiangxian: I have long heard that Tianya Ju is a teacher in real life. I wonder if this is also the source of the identity of the protagonist in Tiandao Library?

  Sweeping the world: Yes, because I am a front-line teacher and know a lot about students, when writing, it is inevitable to add some of my own insights. When designing the character of Zhang Xuan, he combined some of his own experiences and turned it into a story about a teacher from another world. It’s like, when I meet a child who is disobedient, I wonder if I can have the ability to say what he must abide by and dare not violate it, so there is a teacher’s word from heaven. What can make the students dare not contradict the teacher, so there is a famous teacher hall, all kinds of famous teacher rules.

  However, this one of mine is only a novel after all. Even in the story, it is only an auxiliary means to fight against the bear children. It is far worse than that of the Thunder Dharma King Professor Yang. Children’s shoes, please don’t compare me to the Thunder Dharma King, haha. .

  Linjiang Xian: There are also teachers’ guilds, such as the Supreme Royal Court. They should all refer to the original form in reality, right?

  Sweep the World: Yes. This is the education bureau in reality. I think many front-line teachers in reality are very good, but the leaders of the education bureau may not be so kind. Therefore, some nine-star famous teachers, designed by me, are not necessarily better than ordinary famous teachers. Ha ha. It’s a reflection of reality.

  Linjiangxian: There are serious conflicts between teachers and parents, and the work of teachers is not recognized. Therefore, when setting the plot, you must have added some of your own ideas, right?

  Sweeping the World: Yes, as long as there is a conflict between teachers and students now, the direction of the media must be teachers, which can attract traffic. Therefore, many teachers are broken in people’s minds. At the beginning, when the famous designer took the lead in the world, he just wanted to change this phenomenon in the world he designed.

  Linjiangxian: Actually, I often feel that the dignity of teachers and Taoism has been damaged. Teachers may not be all right, but maintaining the dignity of a teacher is indeed the responsibility of society.

  Sweeping the End of the World: Yes, but the leaders of the Education Bureau are administrative staff, and a large number of them are all mobilized. First, they do not understand education. Second, when they are leaders, they think more about how to get promoted. Once there is a conflict between teachers and students, he is not qualified to teach the students, or the parents of the students. Naturally, he will teach those who can manage them a lesson, intimidate and threaten, criticize and educate… In this way, he has dealt with it and explained it to the parents. Can eliminate the negative impact on society. Otherwise, it is a blemish on political performance, and there is no way to be promoted in the future.

  Linjiangxian: Alas… this is really hurtful. I also wanted to take the teacher qualification certificate before, and the Chinese language major has a natural advantage. Just being frightened by the news, either the teacher was beaten, or the student was stabbed to death…

  Sweeping the world: The relationship between teachers and students is indeed very complicated, but it is not so exaggerated. If you want to take the test, you still have to take the test. Don’t be frightened by the news. After all, lying at home, you may also be killed by a meteor.

  Linjiangxian: Then I will take the exam next year, and I will ask Tianya Ju to give me some pointers on how to get the certificate faster, hehe.

  Sweep the world: When I took the test, it was relatively simple, but now it seems to be quite complicated, not so easy, sweat.

  Linjiangxian: I didn’t catch up with the good times…

  Linjiangxian: What positive influence has your teaching career had on your creation?

  Sweeping the world: In fact, some people say that writing books is for their dreams, some people say that they are for their love… However, most people still want to make an income through this, so that they can support their families and pursue their favorite careers, while also being able to fill the gaps. abdomen.

  Teaching career, although the income is not high, but it can make me stable, don’t have to worry about life problems, and write books with peace of mind. In this way, there is less pressure, and I have a more relaxed state of mind to conceive and study.

  Linjiangxian: Facing the irreconcilable time conflict between work and creation, have you considered full-time work?

  Sweeping the world: I have been thinking about it recently. I was still talking to Sword God Shili a few days ago, when will he update and when will I resign… After saying this, I regret it, and suddenly feel that I have no hope of resigning in my life… …

  Haha, of course it’s a joke, but the place where I live is too high, 3000 meters above sea level, it’s already winter, it’s more than minus ten degrees, I’m a physical education teacher, and when I come back to class, my hands are shaking, I can’t help it numbers.

  Moreover, codewords are mental work, and it is easy to suffer from hypoxia and headache. If the codewords exceed 6,000 every day, oxygen must be inhaled. As I get older, I can’t stay any longer. Not surprisingly, I will resign next year and move to Xining.

  Lin Jiangxian: What advice do you have for new writers who are now full-time at every turn?

  Sweep the world: My advice is to go to work first, settle down, and then consider quitting. Otherwise, if you write one book, you will be impetuous. If you write the second book, you will be more impetuous, and the pressure will increase. How to write a good novel?

  When I wrote The King of Fighters , I was on a construction site. I was an ordinary worker. I started working every morning at dawn, and only came back after dark. I slept before two o’clock at night. I didn’t quit my job until I got good grades.

  Linjiangxian: Have you worked on the construction site before? Can you talk about the specifics of that time? I feel so inspiring!

  Sweeping the End of the World: Yes, the West-East Gas Pipeline is constructed at an altitude of 3,000 meters. Every day, it takes 300 to 400 kilometers to travel by car.

  Mosquitoes were everywhere, and when I had the most on one hand, I was bitten by more than seventy packs. Every day I get peeling from the sun, and I feel dizzy and dizzy when I go back to my residence.

  To be honest, I hate that kind of life for a day, so I want to code and change my destiny.

  However, my family was very poor. After I went to college, I hoped that I would have a good job and support myself. I dared not quit my job, because my family would definitely be sad when they found out. Therefore, I can only work overtime in the middle of the night, stay up until two in the middle of the night every day, then get up at six in the morning, and continue to work on the construction site after eating.

  When I was young, I didn’t feel anything, but now I can’t stand it anymore.

  Because of insisting on code words, there was a big conflict with the leaders at that time. My leader’s surname was Ye, and he was a rehired worker in his 60s. He scolded me every day, saying that I didn’t work well and had dreams , Don’t you know what book you are writing?

  A proper villain.

  Later, he received money from the construction unit and asked me to sign the projects that were not under my control. I refused, and he would transfer me to a place more than 600 kilometers away from that time. At that time, I fell in love with my daughter-in-law, he said. , and still in love, I will transfer you away and let you talk about…

  In a fit of rage, I resigned.

  At that time, I just wrote “The King of Fighters ” , and on the day of resignation, he fell ill directly, had a high fever, lay in the quilt, and didn’t get up for a day. Later, I rented a rental house of 8 square meters, you read that right, 8 square meters, only one bed was put down, and then… there was nowhere.

  In winter in Qinghai, it is more than 20 degrees below zero, and I am reluctant to burn coal, because it costs money and is hard to resist… I am reluctant to go to the bathroom to take a bath. In order to save money, I burn some water to wash myself during the day when the weather is good.

  At that time, I only ate one meal a day, and I dared not tell my family that I quit my job, but said that I ate very well at the construction site, and every meal had meat.

  When I was in love with my daughter-in-law, I couldn’t even get 200 yuan out of my hand, but now I can get it out.

  Actually, thinking about it now, if it wasn’t for the firmness at the time, I wouldn’t be where I am now. When I was a worker there, I paid 2,000 yuan a month. Even now, it’s only 5,000 or 6,000 yuan. Now, my monthly income is already the lowest at that time. A hundred times.

  Life is so impermanent, if I have the opportunity to see that old leaf again, I hope to say to him personally, thank you, thank you for kicking me out.

  However, it seems needless to say, I have already asked someone to help me thank you a few years ago. Ha ha!

  Linjiangxian: I feel that the loneliness you and I interviewed before are the same as the two great gods, they are all hardships and hardships, Yuru Yucheng.

  Linjiangxian: Did you go directly to a state-owned enterprise after graduation? So when were you a teacher?

  Sweeping the End of the World: Yes, a unit under the China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau. This teacher’s job was tested later. At that time, the written test was the second in the province, and the interview was the first in the province.

  Linjiangxian: Then when you were in school, your grades must have been very good. I can’t do it anymore, I’m a scumbag…

  Sweeping the world: When I was in school, I graduated with the highest grades in the four-year university of the entire department.

  Linjiangxian: Awesome! A great god is a great god. Not only is he good at writing books, but even going to school and taking exams has completely exploded my dozens of streets!

  Linjiangxian: In reality, what influences has your identity as an author of online articles brought to you?

  Sweeping the world: The biggest impact is that the income is better, the previous state of poverty has been changed, the character has been changed, and I have become more confident. As for the others, it doesn’t have much impact, because relatives and friends know that I don’t write much, and even if they do, they don’t know what I’m writing. I never said it, and they don’t know my real income. Even my parents don’t know.

  After all, I am as low-key as Zhang Xuan.

  Linjiangxian: You hide quite deeply…

  Linjiangxian: How do you understand web texts after so many years of creation?

  Sweeping the world: American psychologist Maslow divided human needs into five levels, namely physiological, safety, social, esteem and self needs.

  In today’s society, the first four stages, along with material development, can basically be satisfied, so there is a desire for self-transcendence of self-needs.

  But… the real society is quite cruel. Many things and things cannot be desired or obtained. In order to meet the needs of the heart, the spirit has sustenance, and the YY type of online literature came into being.

  In online literature, with some beauty that cannot be achieved in reality, it has attracted countless people and stopped for it. Therefore, in my opinion, online literature is not the fast food literature as traditional writers call it, nor is it the dross of some people’s hearts, but the spirit and feelings of a generation.

  The text is based on Taoism, the ancients used poetry and songs, legends, novels, and Taoism, and we use network literature, only the difference between genre and format, nothing more!

  Therefore, Internet writers should not be inferior. After a hundred years, perhaps, we will be as dazzling as those ancient poems, and let future generations know that there is such a thing as literature.

  Linjiangxian: Maslow’s theory of life needs is indeed a perfect explanation of all kinds of needs of human beings. I also mentioned in the interview before that since Tang poetry, Song Ci, Ming and Qing novels can become history, then online literature will inevitably become history. Since everything will become history, there is no need to belittle ourselves if you take our group of people who make history.

  Sweep the World: Yes. Internet literature, at least, still preserves the last dignity of literature. Otherwise, today’s children don’t even read books.

  Although YY is the mainstay as a whole, in order to tell a good story, the author must have enough knowledge system support. Even if writing fantasy, involving alchemy, alchemy, etc., basically you have to find inspiration through the process of pill powder, smelting and training in reality, and then you can design the details of the story that readers can accept.

  By reading the book, readers also accept these details unconsciously. When you encounter related problems in real life in the future, you will naturally have a comparison object in your heart, at least not ignorant.

  Linjiangxian: Even so, online articles are still not recognized by the mainstream. It seems that only when the generation who grew up watching online articles grow up can online articles get the respect they deserve. Just like decades ago, Mr. Jin Yong was criticized by a group of traditional writers. However, when a group of people who watched martial arts grow up grew up, Mr. Jin Yong’s status was also established.

  Sweep the World: Yes.

  Linjiangxian: Now that I’ve talked about it here, I’ll make another digression. Before discussing with them in the cabbage group about the Dou Qi transformation horse in Doubaqiong, in fact, the situation is similar to what I said above. If you want to make good fantasy film and television works, you can only wait for the group of people who have grown up in fantasy to get up. Otherwise, the card is not good at all. It’s almost impossible to expect a bunch of people who haven’t even read the novel to make a good fantasy.

  Sweeping the End of the World: Actually, this is not the reason. It is the capital of the current film and television industry, which is rather strange. South Korea has the largest screenwriter. It is possible to change directors and actors, but in China, it is not possible. The producer is the biggest, the director is the biggest, come with a friend, add a scene, make a head for the female star, add a scene. The screenwriter has no right to change it strictly according to some people who don’t know how to do it. Of course, it’s messed up.

  Linjiang Xian: As Tianya Ju said. Moreover, the film and television industry is very chaotic, it is really chaotic, from the director to the producer, all are rushing to make money, and no one is serious about creating.

  Linjiangxian: Next, ask about writing skills.

  Linjiangxian: Your Tiandao library, the rhythm control is very good. Can you share with you how to control the rhythm of the plot? Is there any trick?

  Sweeping the World: Rhythm, this is a matter of the benevolent see the benevolent and the wise see the wisdom, there is really no trick, in my opinion, there is no other, only familiarity!

  If you read the book I just started writing, you will find that it is really like shit, and you don’t even want to read it.

  I admit that I have no talent, everything depends on hard work. If you really want to learn the rhythm, it’s actually very simple, first write what you want to write, then close your eyes and filter the story in a unified way. If you find something that can be removed, just remove it and simplify it, and the rhythm will naturally be much better.

  Linjiangxian: This may be the only way. I have read some writing instructions before, which generally say that you can delete anything that does not affect reading. It is to minimize the meaningless content as much as possible, whether it is dialogue, description, or plot. Only in this way can it be refined.

  Sweep the World: Yes.

  Linjiangxian: If you open a new book, what kind of subject will you write, or is it the Tiandao Library?

  Sweeping the End of the World: I can only write fantasy, and I should still write books similar to Tiandao, but I haven’t finished the book yet, and I haven’t thought about it carefully.

  Linjiangxian: So far, do you have any experience that you would like to share with the vast number of Longkong authors?

  Sweeping the world: I do have some experience and experience, which may offend many people, but it is my heartfelt words, I hope to be helpful to some authors, and attach my schedule of work and rest, for the majority of people who want to engage in online writing creation Some references of the author.

  1. Be humble. A book that can be popular, even if it looks like shit in your eyes, there must be a reason for it to be popular. After all, the eyes of the public are sharp, and the work must meet the taste of the public. If you can’t see it, it can only mean that you are blind. Not your arrogance.

  2. Write more and practice more. If you want to become a god, you don’t have any skills. Write more, write more, write more, write more, and naturally keep all the skills in your heart. It’s much better than taking any training class or looking for a teacher.

  3. Effort and persistence. If you want to go out on this road, you must be able to endure loneliness and keep loneliness. Without this heart, nothing can be done.

  Before, when I started writing in 2008 and 2009, I was at work and was very busy. I have already shared it. I also work now, do you know my work and rest time? Now I can share it with you all.

  7:00 Wake up, wash, make breakfast, eat.

  8:00 Send the children to school.

  8:40—10:20: Go to the office, get ready, and start coding. During this period, you must code out 4000 words.

  10:20—10:50 Students run for exercise, and physical education teachers need to watch the exercise.

  10:50—11:35 Must code out 2000 words.

  11:45—12:30 First class.

  Arrive at school around 2:45 in the afternoon. Before three o’clock, there is a 15-minute gap, and try to write 500 words.

  3:00—3:45, the second class.

  From 3:45 to 3:55, in ten minutes, two hundred and fifty crosses can be written.

  3:55-4:40, the third class.

  From 4:40 to 4:50, you can write two hundred and fifty crosses during the ten-minute break.

  4:50-5:35, the last class.

  Then go to kindergarten to pick up the child. Pick up the child’s work, save the manuscript to the mobile phone, and use the mobile phone to correct the typos. Play with the children at night, without coding.

  Rest before ten o’clock.

  This is my daily routine, Khan…I never have a party, I never go out to play, I never play games, I never watch TV shows…Because, I don’t have time.

  Linjiang Xian: It is indeed a good word. I really want to make a documentary about your day, similar to a day in the Chinese people, the title is, the day of the author who earns tens of millions every year, it will definitely explode!


Linjiangxian: It’s good to be busy, you are busy with yours, I will shoot mine, it’s fine, hehe.

  Sweeping the World: To be honest, I invigilated the exam all morning this morning. Wrote two thousand words with a pen. I still go to work in the afternoon, and I still rush out 6,000 words.

  Linjiangxian: It’s really tiring. My personal suggestion is to go full-time early, and don’t wait for the sword god.

  Sweeping the world: Yes, I really can’t hold it anymore, my body is dying, I can’t work anymore, I plan to persevere a little longer, and I will continue until March next year.

  Linjiangxian: The following are some questions from netizens. You can choose some convenient answers to answer.

  Sweep the World: Okay.

  Sweep the world: rub, so many!

  Linjiangxian: It is indeed a bit too much, Tianya is very hard work. But it’s not as many as you think, because I have already asked some questions in the interview before, and you can just skip it when you encounter it, hee hee.

  @ Heaven and Earth have aura  (1) I feel that the rhythm in front of the Tiandao Library is very fast. May I ask how Da Da did not collapse?  There is a main line and an outline. Looking at my book, you can find that the name of my volume is usually the chapter name of the last chapter. That is to say, before writing this volume, I have laid out all the stories and lead the readers to move forward step by step. , everything is within the scope of the outline, it is naturally difficult to collapse.  (2) Zhang Xuan pretends to be aggressive all the way, and the power system and various occupations are being upgraded. How can I write without confusion?  Simple, the simpler the better. The power system is simple, and the occupation is simple, so that people don’t look chaotic, otherwise, it’s all complicated, and the reader will be confused.  (3) There are many occupations in the Tiandao Library. Generally, the more occupations you write later, the easier it is to give people the same feeling, but each occupation has its own characteristics. Do you have any secrets when setting the settings? ?

  Sweeping the World: Look at my ” Endless Dantian “ , there are no less than six or seventy types that can be called by name. Because I wrote it once, I have experience. Otherwise, there are too many similarities, and readers can’t tell them apart.

  @lovebookna  By the end of the book, how many sub-professionals does Zhang Xuan pretend to slap his face?

  Sweeping the End of the World: There is no way to calculate this. There should be as many occupations as Zhang Xuan has. After all, he is a genius like me.

  @just a yuan  How did you come up with the idea of ​​writing such a theme and how to design the plot?  Sweeping the End of the World: Because I am a teacher, I want to write about a teacher, but I can only write about fantasy and not about cities. In desperation, I can only write like this, which is very resentful. As for the idea of ​​plot design, as long as there is a start and a good world view, the protagonist will push the story forward, and no special design is required.

@Mengwa uncle  Boss, how has Qidian International developed recently? What is the total sales of your book there?

  Sweeping the world: Qidian International is developing very well. As of September this year, the website has accumulated more than 13 million users. More than 160 English translation works have been launched. The original function was launched in April this year. At present, there are more than 4,000 original works written by foreign friends (data in September 2018). At present, Tiandao Library has more than 90 million clicks overseas. As for sales, because it is confidential, I also not sure. Moreover, my remuneration has never been issued. However, my translation has already been issued hundreds of thousands of RMB. In this way, the total sales volume should be several million.

@Canghaiyezhou  Starting point international version, how long does it take to settle the manuscript fee and subscribe to a chapter and a few meters

  Sweeping the End of the World: I haven’t settled it yet, and I don’t know. Converting a chapter into RMB is about one yuan.

@zhto Tiandao Library doesn’t seem to be so popular this year. Sweeping the end of the world: The book is long, and the popularity will naturally decrease. This is impossible. Tiandao has been writing for two years, and it is normal for readers to be tired. However, for a book with nearly 5 million words, 24-hour follow-up orders, and when it is high, there are still about 10,000, which is not bad. @Half-human half-god How to control the development trend of this kind of system text and plot will be better? Is it better to use the upgrade form to control, or the form of giving out tasks? Sweep the world: I can’t write system text, my Tiandao library, strictly speaking, is not system text. @无酒无心 How to continuously increase the anticipation of a book? Sweep the world: In the process of writing, keep trying to figure out what the reader wants to see, and then write it out. @乐奇明 The big guy usually swept the horizon: very few, because there was no time. @ Zijin Shenlong What do you think the rhythm refers to? How to keep the rhythm of the book and keep going steadily? Sweeping the world: watching TV, fighting non-stop, it will also be boring, non-stop flirting, and do not want to watch, how to combine it, it looks smooth, it is the rhythm. Huang Feihong must be boring without his thirteenth aunt; Zhongnanhai’s bodyguard, without Zhong Liti, must not seem interesting. To maintain the rhythm of the book, you need to read and read more. It is not someone who points out a sentence, and you will suddenly be enlightened. @ Zuiwucai The King of Fighters is actually written by the author of the Tiandao Library. This is a fantasy book that I didn’t read much in high school. And remember the name of the book. Sweep the world: Khan, this shows that I am old. @Joker in the watch I heard that the big brother put on the store in the past, I ask for newcomers, how to grasp the relationship between word count and quality? Should you focus your energy on plot characters, etc., or on the amount of updates? Sweeping the World: The faster the speed, the better. In the world of martial arts, only fast is not broken… This is a famous saying. @EditorHuyang Asking a private question. Which books do you usually like to read? Which authors? Sweep the world: I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t read a book for half a year, and I haven’t read anyone’s book, Khan. In fact, I personally like to read books on tomatoes and magic machines. @wuji central soil when will you resign? Sweeping the End of the World: The day when the Sword God was updated was the time when my Laoya resigned. @一 pillow under the world Tianya giant mud howl (*´▽`)ノノ The protagonist has many occupations, and it involves the description of each occupation. For example, the techniques of alchemy include Yunbo Thousand Magic Hands, Rotation Alchemy and so on. Some techniques are only mentioned briefly, while others describe the specific operations in detail, which looks like that, which is too rare in Xiaobaiwen. (I have read another fantasy book dedicated to Pill Fire. Pill fire and techniques seem to be many, but they are not detailed at all. They are very perfunctory and make people look confused.) So I want to know, how did you come up with it? So many details? For example, the appearance and efficacy of a certain medicinal material, the refining process of a certain medicinal herb… I have wanted to ask this question for a long time, and I also thank Xian Ji and Long Kong for the opportunity. Sweep the world: Sit quietly, imagine the process of alchemy in your mind, imagine that you are concocting alchemy, and scrutinize all the actions and TV series, you will find many details that can be described. Of course, they are all imaginary without any scientific basis. I really can’t think of it, you can check the information, the ancient alchemists are much more frightening than what they wrote. Linjiangxian: Thank you Sweeping Tianya for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be interviewed by our Dragon Sky special column [Longmen Interview]. Here, on behalf of Longkong, and the vast number of Longkong friends, I wish Teacher Tianya and your family good health, happiness and prosperity. At the same time, I also wish your works are prosperous and pick up more laurels. Sweeping the End of the World: Thank you, thank you Jiang Xian for your blessings. Linjiangxian: You’re welcome, I also hope that Teacher Tianya will come to Longkong often to guide us students who are unqualified in mathematics. You must know that the reason why we fail in mathematics is because of your teaching! Sweeping the End of the World: This pot is too big, I can’t carry it Five Interviews Part 1←_← I usually don’t speak, but as long as I speak, it is earth-shattering! ! ! ————Aiwangwen public account announcement. I am with me on the road to becoming a god. ——The original review study discussion group. I am with me on the road to becoming a god. ——The original review study discussion group. I am with me on the road to becoming a god. ——The original review study discussion group.

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