[Hardcore again] Does the free novel mode eliminate or promote piracy?

This is Dragon Ball’s third and final long post on the impact of free fiction in 24 hours, and will not be engaging on the topic after that. (PS: Personally, I am very interested in the

This is Dragon Ball’s third and final long post on the impact of free fiction in 24 hours, and will not be engaging on the topic after that. (PS: Personally, I am very interested in the special funds mentioned by President Yu. After waiting for the 17K action, I will analyze the operation and results of the 17K again.) The first [hard core long article] novel is free or industry development , it’s none of your business. The

second article is turbulent in the industry, pointing out the way for each small website.

Originally, I didn’t want to write a long article on this issue, but after seeing a post on the forum, Dragon Ball decided to start an experiment with years of experience in dealing with Internet black products.

In order to prevent others from imitating, the experimental content of Dragon Ball will be carried out in the form of text, and no pictures will be pasted to prove it.

But I believe that someone will see the feasibility of Dragon Ball’s experiment.

The experiment begins.

1. First of all, Dragon Ball found a novel APP that you can read for free by watching advertisements.

2. Install the APP in an Android emulator, and disguise the information of the emulator to a certain extent. (This is to avoid being controlled by the APP)

3. I happened to see a book I read before Dragon Ball in the simulator. This book is a VIP on a certain website, and I decided to make a breakthrough with this book.

4. Using the development tool, write a simple small software, which is used to record the page-turning operation and screenshot operation of Dragon Ball on the simulator, and perform ocr recognition for the screenshot.

5. The paid ocr purchased before Dragon Ball has leftovers, and it is just connected to the software. After testing it, the recognition rate is over 90%.

6. Set the software rules. After the screenshot and OCR, the number of words obtained is less than 20, then pause for 60 seconds and then turn the page.

7. In order to avoid risk control, Dragon Ball has set up four different page-turning nodes.

There were two advertisements in 8.7 minutes and one chapter at the end page was too short, so in fact, Dragon Ball collected 90+ chapters in 4 minutes, and the OCR cost less than 4 yuan, and the Dragon Ball simulator was risk-controlled. (Does it sound expensive? But Dragon Ball is a paid OCR, and there are still many free and efficient free OCR interfaces on the market.)

9. Analyze the reasons for risk control, it should be caused by too fast page turning speed.

The above concludes the experiment.

1. The past and present of the advertising + free policy The

next step is that Dragon Ball conducts a wave of analysis on the free under the advertising model through its own feelings and precedents in other industries.

In the entertainment industry, in my personal impression, the earliest large-scale advertising + free strategy was the major video websites.

At that time, three video websites headed by Tencent, iQiyi and Sohu followed LeTV’s pace and started a large-scale copyright acquisition.

Copyright acquisitions undoubtedly increased operating costs for video sites that were already used to bad money at the time.

How to effectively stop loss or even profit? These video sites target the video opening advertisements that have been played by Ku6 and 56 and Popcorn.com.

I don’t know if you have any impression. When there was no concept of paid membership, most of the advertisements on video websites were magical and unskippable.

Bad money game makers represented by a series of cheap copycat page games such as “Imperial City PK Winner is King”, “Greasy Senior Sister”, and “Archangel” received the first wave of dividends.

Video websites have also attracted many big names through this slightly deformed advertising model.

However, after seeing that the copyrights were really out of reach of the above two companies, LeEco began to transform into sports events, but unexpectedly achieved short-term success. Later, this set of operations was used by NetEase Cloud, and it worked well. Of course this is off topic.

After the video sites headed by Tencent and iQiyi have attracted the favor of big names, the two are also keenly aware of the user’s abhorrence of advertising.

As a result, the privilege of VIP jumping advertisements came into being.

Essentially, VIP jumping ads are just an attempt by the platform to shift costs from advertisers to users.

In fact, the vast majority of users do not create more than 10 yuan of advertising revenue for the platform every month, which makes the platform taste the sweetness.

They began to focus on developing the conversion rate of VIPs, so that the VIPs that appeared later could only watch, and VIPs pre-emptive viewing and other functions were all born under this background.

2. Invasion

of piracy The owners of pirated video sites will not back down because of the platform’s strategy changes. They begin to make video analysis because of the importance of copyright.

Maybe many people don’t understand what the so-called video parsing is. In fact, pirates use their own VIP resources to help you parse the real address of the video and play it.

After the emergence of this simpler pirate website than before, it has been welcomed by many loyal pirate users.

As far as the Chinese copyright industry in the past few years is concerned, even the multinational giants that control the lives and deaths of hundreds of millions of PCs around the world are cowardly. What can these local companies do?

Therefore, while the video website VIP is moving forward steadily, the video parsing pirate website also ushered in an opportunity for rapid development.

Until ” Celebrating More Than Years “ appeared and the two platforms launched “SVIP”, pirated websites entered the traffic carnival that lasted for more than a month.

3. Comparing history, the answer to whether free can piracy is

obvious is no.

In the world of the Internet, there has never been a shortage of dramas that are one foot high and one zhang high.

Don’t you see that a state-owned enterprise was swept away by 200 million wool overnight, nor did you see how many black industry practitioners made a lot of money that night due to the loopholes in Pinduoduo’s call recharge.

In the world of the Internet, as long as there are objective interests, there will definitely be a certain scale of black production.

For example, Dragon Ball researched the related black products of Douyin a while ago, and found a very strange black production project – Douyin Musician Certification.

Dragon Ball racked his brains and couldn’t figure out what use this so-called musician authentication is, but in the black production circle, a musician authentication account can sell for over 100 prices.

In the second post on the topic of free, Dragon Ball once said that because it caught a subscription-free reading loophole of a genuine online text platform, it communicated with the website operation.

Finally came to a conclusion that copyright platforms do not want to actively eliminate piracy. Of course, the premise is that those pirated sites don’t jump on the platform’s lap repeatedly like fleas.

As a copyright platform, the existence of piracy is actually a kind of propaganda to show the products owned by the platform to the outside world. When users can’t stand the full-screen advertisements of pirated websites, some readers will be forced to convert to genuine users.

Then turn the core of the problem back to whether the free + advertising model will play a role in the piracy management of online texts.

Just like Dragon Ball’s previous simple experiments, unfortunately, this model does not prevent piracy.

Dragon Ball’s experiment is the most stupid way and the most expensive way.

If those black manufacturers want to make black products for this model, they can use the idea of ​​VIP video analysis, or simply obtain the content of the novel by capturing packets.

The cost of such acquisition is much smaller than the cost of OCR for screenshots.

Therefore, as far as I personally feel, if the platform wants to put an end to piracy, the most feasible way is to launch a large-scale criminal crackdown.

As a practitioner in the black production risk control industry with many years of experience in criminal strikes, Longzhu recommends that the legal affairs of major platforms must be familiar with 217, 225, 286, 287 of the Criminal Law and related judicial interpretations of the two high schools. This is the only feasible way to combat piracy at present.

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