After reading this post, the type of writing is very easy to guarantee a high price! !

I found that recently many authors don’t know how to write novels on the subject, so I decided to share some small directions that I have observed. This is purely a topic sharing article, so

I found that recently many authors don’t know how to write novels on the subject, so I decided to share some small directions that I have observed.

This is purely a topic sharing article, so that everyone can have more choices when writing articles and topics, and it is possible to tap their own potential.

I’m still sticking to what I’ve learned over the years.

That is, the web article is currently divided into several style sections.

One is the reading, this kind of cool text station that goes with the character design and the plot must be innovative. Note: [Creation has basically been transformed into Lulu]

One is Feilu, a Shuangwen station with a climax, a strong sense of substitution, and excellent settings.

There is also the new media that is very popular today. The new media novels are very good… They are excellent. One thing to say, they are very good at mobilizing emotions and plots, but I don’t know much about new media, so I won’t talk about it.

The other is Pan-Wireless, which refers to Palm Reading, Mi Reading, Tomato, Zhulang, Kujiang, 17K, Zongheng, Migu, Changdu, Shuqi, iQiyi and the like.

What is Pan Wireless?

In fact, we can also understand it as a group of electronic subscription readers before the creation of Fei Luhua, who like traditional fantasy and traditional urban readers. Note: [This is not to say that these readers have always liked this type of novels for so many years, but because the plate of readers who like this type of novels is extremely large, even if they are constantly lost, they are also constantly replenished. ]

I don’t know much about the tower reading, but it feels like a hybrid of Feilo and Pan-Wireless.

Today I only talk about the types of pan-wireless currently needed, and I also hope to give you some experience to talk about.

Son-in-law. Recommended writing index: ☆☆

There is not much to say about this. A while ago, the genre dominated the entire network of novels.

Many people feel aggrieved by the son-in-law Wen, but in fact, his sense of coolness is too good. The leverage of the identity of the son-in-law brings a good sense of coolness. The series of plots triggered by this identity have an excellent sense of substitution, and the key is to be cool.

The key is to be cool, and the key is to have enough expectations.

But there is one thing to say, now that the son-in-law Wen has become normal, not as explosive as the whole network before.

I will say more about many bridges and settings.

This style of writing has returned to normal, there are too many works, and the market is gradually saturated, so everyone should not cross the single-plank bridge with thousands of troops.

God Howard. Recommended writing index: ☆☆

Shenhaowen has a very good start to the whole network, but when the number of words is long, it all breaks down, and the retention, readers and reading are relatively poor.

One thing to say, this is a question worthy of challenge by the authors of the whole network.

It’s not that this type is not worth writing, but that there are too few good ones.

At present, Shenhaowen is a relatively cool article that I can read, and I can read a relatively long one.

Losing money into the richest man starts with the game.

This is because the main setting of this book is essentially a conflict between farming and dramatic setting and excellent character design.

Traditional fantasy. Recommended writing index: ☆☆☆

First of all, we must be clear about one thing, the traditional fantasy led by Pan-Wireless is rapidly going down the altar, but this does not mean that traditional fantasy is no longer popular, there is no market, but readers need more emotional traditional fantasy.

In the past, there were books with very mediocre plots and very mediocre settings by the authors of the special novels, and readers no longer needed them.


Because urban Xiuxian, Xianxia, ​​Honghuang, including the system flow fantasy all have a “force value” clearly set, and the writing is more immersive, so this has also led to readers who like to see the force value setting, flowing into this. within a type.

Traditional fantasy is not without masterpieces in recent years. The ” Shinto Emperor ” on Qingluan Peak’s “One Sword Sovereign” is a good work .

In fact, aside from these two books, if we just look at the essence, we can find that the “taste” of the readers of traditional fantasy, or the readers of the entire online novels, is getting more and more salty.

What does it mean?

If everyone pays attention to the wind direction, the popular pan-wireless traditional novels in recent years have a very clear point. The hatred is very heavy, the sense of refreshment is extremely strong, and the plot and the sense of picture are excellent.

I think this is actually the same as eating. Over the years, the people have become more and more spicy. I remember that when I was a child, I preferred to eat five-spice and other foods. Even if I went to eat copper hot pot, it would be dipped in some sesame sauce.

But what about these years? The people almost love spicy food. Hunan cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Xinjiang cuisine, and other definite cuisines that embrace the “chili seasoning” in the new era are particularly sought after by diners.


I think that because these cuisines make people more and more comfortable, they can bring people a deeper kind of stimulation.

The same goes for writing.

So if you write traditional fantasy, you might as well think of a better hatred and plot, cool feeling and better settings and plot.

Everyone must want to ask, is there any money in traditional fantasy?

Of course he has Mua’s.

Now each family has a very funny problem, that is, when the number of traditional fantasy characters is very small, the number of recommendations is far less than that in the city, but if you lengthen the number of words, you will find that each family especially likes to push high-quality products with a large number of words. Fantasy.

Why? Because the flow is better, it can sell more money.

Among them, Chuangshi is more representative. I think Chuangshi Fei Lufeng’s novels have a high income in the early stage, but I found that the operators there seem to like to promote fantasy books with a large number of words?

Including Palm Reading and other websites, in fact, fantasy books with a large number of words are relatively lacking.

However, the essential feedback on this issue is that everyone is concerned about the scarcity of traditional fantasy. Many traditional fantasy have not performed well in the early stage. They are mediocre and cannot get resources. They can only temporarily stay at the guaranteed price and wait for the number of words. In such a grinding time, it is more painful, and there are only a few books at the end.

At this point…I have to share something that I think is more interesting.

In fact, sometimes the author of traditional fantasy, if you do well at first, you can stretch the front line, write a little longer, and be more attentive. I have really seen too many…

Because of the author who wrote well in the later stage and wrote it for a long time, and then the whole network exploded and made money.

“You don’t necessarily have to write works that far exceed the same period. As long as you keep stable and die in the same period in terms of word count, you will win.”

Read my words carefully…

Seriously, there are several traditional fantasy books. When they were put on the shelves, their grades were mediocre and they kept writing steadily. In the end, the writing got better and better. When the word count was reached, the whole network became popular, but the reason was that many of the same period books failed to reach the end. All were boiled to death.

I won’t take out these books, it’s a bit of an attack.

Then there is the evolutionary flow. Recommended index: ☆☆☆

In fact, in terms of evolutionary flow, each station needs, starting point, Feilu, and Pan-Wireless. Readers actually like it.

For example, from a small grass to become the supreme tree, from a drop of water to the four seas, from a loach to a dragon.

This kind of novel is actually really good.

The refreshment that Evolution Stream brings to the reader is very clear and very good.

However, when some writers go to write, they are too addicted to this setting.

One thing to say, some readers really like the setting of evolution, and they like the momentary pleasure of upgrading in the book, but this pleasure is limited. I suggest that you work hard on the background and plot at that time.


In evolutionary novels, the protagonist is a small grass that grows in the prehistoric world and gradually becomes stronger, which can make the plot longer and better written.

Prehistoric, immortal, apocalyptic, real world, etc. all want a more representative setting, and cannot be overindulged in the setting of “big fish eat small fish”.

Because this type of novel is essentially an upgrade flow of traditional fantasy, if you are only addicted to upgrade, subsequent readers will collapse.

Paranormal text. Recommended word count: ☆☆☆☆

Logically speaking, spiritual literature is actually a very broad category. I actually want to give six stars, but because of the strict control of this type of novels in recent years, I think four stars are better. .

I would like to say one thing, that is, in the pan-wireless platform, spirituality belongs to a large category, its user groups are many, and the subject matter is extremely powerful and openable.

But a good composite setup is required.

It must not be a single previous setting. If you want to write terrifying supernatural things, it is recommended to write more things that focus on human nature, such as disgusting human nature and glorious ones. The bridges caused by this category are extremely edible.

At present, each station has begun to promote the supernatural again. If you want to write, you may try it.

Reborn farming text. Recommended writing index: ☆☆☆☆☆

There are too many books written by Rebirth Wenke. Here I am talking about farming texts.

In fact, there is a market for rebirth farming on the whole network. For example, many rebirth articles were popular at the beginning of the year, such as money-making, business, financial predators, entertainment, and more representative ones.

Why do you recommend this type of novel?

Because Panwire’s readers are also growing, they also start to like this type of novel very much.

This type of novel has a relatively high conversion rate of electronic subscriptions on paid platforms, and it is better to follow-up, and readers to follow-up on free platforms are better.

This type of article deserves your attention.

Let’s talk about a funny thing, the book that Eagle first wrote was Reborn Money Rolling, I read 800,000 words of that book in one go, and subscribed to the original version. Anyway, it’s pretty cool to read.

If you have time, you can also read his book, which is really well written.

Doctor’s text. Recommended writing index: ☆☆☆☆☆

Doctor articles have always been very popular on the entire Internet, whether it is new media, pan-wireless, or Genesis.

But at present, there are fewer and fewer good ones written, and the main plots of everyone are almost worn out.

But the subject is actually really good.

I suggest everyone to do it, and use better bridges and emotions to make a wave. This type of article is actually very popular on major platforms.

Of course, if it is an urban cultivator who cultivates and grows, it is also very good, and it can reach six stars.

Tian Wen, a doctor in urban cultivation, can reach six stars in the recommendation index!

Historical articles, recommended writing index: ☆☆☆☆☆

There is a growing demand for in-depth content among PAN wireless readers.

Their demand for good historical literature is also extremely high. For novels like the prodigal son of the Ming Dynasty, if it was still in the era of omni-channel, this book by Tiger could still kill the entire Internet. I am not joking, I am serious. of.

If you write, you can try it.

However, the historical texts that pan-wireless readers like are cool texts that are easy to farm and fight for hegemony.

The kind of novels with a heavy historical flavor… Be careful, this type of novel, in fact, the starting point of this type of novel, the results are relatively difficult, you can imagine if you put it in Panwire.

Jianbaowen, recommended writing index: ☆☆☆☆☆☆

There is one thing to say, in fact, Jianbao text is a complex of Shenhao text, farming text, setting text and certain historical text.

This kind of novel, it must need a certain experience to write the author.

Because this novel is mixed with various conspiracies and intrigues, its setting bridges are extremely edible.

I suggest that some authors who have good writing skills, extensive knowledge, good background, and are interested in history and cool essays may wish to write a treasure essay.

The audience of Jianbaowen is very high, with good retention, high electronic subscription and good reader acceptance.

The key is that it’s cool is too high.

It is not only the pleasure of picking up leaks, but also a game with the IQ of the seller. It is also very edible. At the same time, the historical writing of an antique makes the whole novel highly edible.

But, the evolutionary market is fine.

emmm, I wrote so much, 3,500 words, and a lot of money…

Everyone has seen it, the picture is happy, and it can be regarded as a direction for the authors.

In fact, I wrote this post for two purposes, so I don’t hide it.

One purpose is to hope that the author does not have to deliberately pursue blindly explosive themes. If you are not suitable for your son-in-law, don’t write it. There is no need to torture yourself. The author will actually be easily depressed, anxious, and panicked when writing articles on the street.

Because of the group of authors, it is easy to become autistic and have great emotional ups and downs. After all, people are gregarious creatures. You stay in one place all the time. If you don’t read books, communicate with others, and lose information sources, you will gradually close yourself. now, it will be more painful.

So I also hope to give you some insights. If you are confused and overwhelmed, read more books, read more books, read more books that suit you, summarize more, and then try to write.

Don’t be stubborn, don’t be cranky, don’t be arrogant, don’t be self-righteous.

Be calm.

Treat the problems pointed out by the editor peacefully, communicate and chat with others peacefully, listen to the opinions of others, view the ups and downs of your own achievements peacefully, and think more about why this is the case.

Of course, when there is no shortage of fellowship, some people are very stupid and extreme. In fact, there is no need to argue, just observe more, and you just need to have a good understanding of many things.

This is one purpose, the other is.

I am really short of manuscripts, and I lack high-quality manuscripts. I can really give a high price.

Such as Jianbaowen and the like, such as rebirth to make money and farming.

For example, in the articles written by urban cultivators and farming doctors, everything about the price is easy to negotiate.

If you feel that you are a good author and want to get a good price, the newcomer can get up to 25 plus guaranteed full attendance.

As for those who have good historical results, there is nowhere to come to me for the time being.

Everyone is an adult, so there is no need to engage in worldly manners, and there is no need to grind, just throw me the screenshots of historical results, nothing more than electronic subscriptions and royalties. Just ask me how much guarantee I can get.

I have 3,000 people on QQ, and many chat windows flicker every day. It’s not that I don’t want to chat, but the problems of chat are the same. It’s better to cooperate first.

Well, roughly so.

In addition, I opened a scatter money post in the black market, everyone can join in the fun.

Four thousand five hundred words, a lot of small money, rational discussion, normal inquiries, I will reply when I see time, and will edit it into the post.

The yin and yang are weird, those who lead the fight, and those who find fault, just block it and deal with it.

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