[New Media], from the selection of materials to the selection of stems, 30,000 words and the middle and late stages, a complete guide

[This post will be a complete guide for new media entry, from the selection of creative materials, to the layout of 30,000 characters, the climax of the card, to the middle and late stages, the

[This post will be a complete guide for new media entry, from the selection of creative materials, to the layout of 30,000 characters, the climax of the card, to the middle and late stages, the most complete guide post. I hope that even if one does not understand at all New media people, after reading this guide, can also have a general and macro understanding of how to create new media.]

Actually, I have always wanted to write such posts, but they are always lacking in strength. You asked me to write, I can’t write it out, and if I write it, it’s just a mistake.

This year, since July, I have been trying to write new books one

after another. . . At the beginning of 30,000 words, I wrote about 7~8 words. Of course, there are not many attempts to publish.

Of course, all published are also

analyzed from the inside. There are about two problems. First, the basic skills are really not at home. The understanding of the novel is muddled, and secondly, it is caused by the misunderstanding of the mentality. I always want to be fancy, and if I write a flower, it is naturally only the writing is worse, and the style is impetuous

. Entering December, about It is the chill that dilutes the complexity of the heart, the understanding of the novel, and the individual has entered a new taste

. It seems that I can write this post,

but I am thinking that it is better to test it myself, and then I will write a book. Well, after thinking about it recently, there is no need for this. Life should not be just about novels. I will choose to be plain and let it

be the same as this post. I thought about it, so I wrote it, that’s all.

The above are some personal journeys in my heart for half a year. I hope you don’t think I’m long-winded, and you can skip it if you think I’m long-winded. This is naturally no problem, and the following is the main topic.

【One: Topic】

What is a topic? That is to say, choose a topic, choose a topic, there is really nothing to say, whatever is popular, you can write what you want, there is nothing to choose, and there is no room for operation. Next, the new media that is

told to pure newcomers is generally as follows

Topics: God of War, God of War/Son-in-law, Magical Doctor, choose one of them to write, you have to see through it, desert island, history, longevity, fantasy. . . It’s not impossible, it’s just too small.

Regarding the subject matter, in the past year, I have recommended: God of War/son-in-law essay, genius doctor/son-in-law essay

[2: Selection of stalks]

The key point of reading, the innovation of the Temple of Heaven is not more cruel, but urgent

selection of stalks. What is a selection of stalks, in fact It is a gimmick, it can also be said to be a sentence, an entry point, and it is also worth writing a book here, divided into newcomer reading, and advanced version

newcomer reading: selection of stalks, there is no doubt that it is to be grounded, this is also New media articles are different from wireless articles. You have to understand where you are. Your readers are a group of people, mainly people in the age of 40.

Most likely, they don’t know what it is. Novels, I don’t want to read novels! ! ! !

Some and only, I was attracted by your meme, and then read it, and finally, I couldn’t stop!

[I reiterate once again, the new media is not bullying! It’s not like digging hearts, slaps, humiliation, ugly mother-in-law, who has no lower limit! No, no, no, no! ! ! ]

[Not at all, please delete this concept from your mind and read on! 】

If you are a newcomer, from the above, you should draw the first conclusion: Your creation is not a macro-level, I am a novel, but, I am a meme, a gimmick, I am writing a Because of the gimmick

, there is no gentle and elegant development of me. It is the same as writing an eight-legged essay. The three elements of the character, location, and environment are the

same as the small advertisement in the street stall

. Is it an excellent stalk of new media? How to choose stalks that are interesting and good-looking?

First of all, it’s not abuse.

Let’s disassemble it first. Take the Temple of Heaven as an example, “Dad, I’m so scared, a group of people are beating Xiaoxiao, and Xiaoxiao is very scared.”

The Temple of Heaven is the most classic of new media, and the emotions are the most hysterical. ‘s article, from here, many people began to go further, digging out this emotional hysteria, digging out abuse, all kinds, the first chapter wants to abuse the ghost crying, the abused daughter, wife, can’t take care of their own life?

Is this right?

This is not right.

What is abuse? What is the purest form of anger?

You, have and are only writing, how your daughter is beaten, abused, chained, forced to eat shit, this is called abuse, this is called anger,

but new media is a structure, it is a two-way, it is two parts One part of the composition is

called strong, and the other part is called abuse (contrast/contradictory construction). The first is the male protagonist of the Tianshen Temple, Xiao Tiance, a generation of God of War, unrivaled and made a great contribution to the country. . . On the one hand, it is his daughter. At this moment, she is suffering in China.

This is the new media. It is a complete framework. You should not watch a tortured person alone

. what is it? : A certain big man, who no one dares to provoke, has made great contributions to the country, just waiting for the scale of triumph, enjoying the honor and treatment. . But at this time, the villain does not know whether to live or die, and is still abusing the male protagonist’s daughter

. First of all, as long as this villain knows that his daughter’s father is so good, he will not dare to do

it. Life and death, the more ruthless the daughter is, the higher the emotion and the information gap.

When we jump out of everything, forget other books, and look at the Temple of Heaven from a macro perspective, the conclusion is that it is a two-way structure. And one abuse is imprecise,

but the question is, basically every book has such a two-way structure

, what is special about the temple of that day? ?

From this point of view, it can be concluded that the Temple of Heaven is more abusive

, so a large group of people banging on the keyboard, more ruthless than who,

this is wrong,

why is it wrong?

Because the innovation of the Tianshen Temple is not a higher degree of abuse, it can also be called “qi”, I hope to use a more standard adjective, “urgent”

Yes, the Tianshen Temple is actually called,, anxious

What is urgency? That is, it’s not that your daughter was abused so badly that the readers were furious. The deeper contradiction is that if your male protagonist doesn’t save people, your daughter is going to die. This kind of crunch at the beginning of the game and the urgency that cannot be delayed is the The innovation of the Temple of Heaven

From here, we can start rampantly comparing other God of War texts to analyze, why the Temple of the God of War can attract more fans,

is the Temple of the God of Heaven more ruthless than others? Obviously it’s not a

fool. Everyone’s gimmick is still there. The male protagonist got rich at the beginning and was broken up by his girlfriend. . At the beginning of the game, I went home and saw that my daughter was eating sour water.

It also required a process of substitution, a process of empathizing with the male protagonist, and the

Temple of Heaven began to take a close call as the beginning.

Therefore, this more Be direct

. . . .

The above is actually beside the point

. . .

We return to the gimmick

. I believe that many people have read my above, and they may have thought, then I will also write a stalk, looking for something urgent?

Let me tell you, other

things are easy to use, but if they are not suitable for you, if you insist on doing them, it will only get worse, and there will be no good results. This involves the issue of writing mentality. Going back, the ordinary new media selection stalk problem, continue to state

what is the selection stalk?

We need to think about the problem from the perspective of how readers look at this book,

such as the temple of the day, we need to return, the simplest and simplest elements, that is, readers see, the male protagonist is so strong, the daughter But he was about to be beaten to death. All of a sudden, the readers felt the same hatred and became angry,

so they looked down

. It’s as simple as that.

The requirements of this stalk should be close to life to a certain extent. It is best to bring it with you. To point out social contradictions, you need a sentence, it needs to be very simple and clear, and you can substitute it into it.

What is a counterexample? I read a beginning yesterday, which is a counter-example. The male protagonist reads the Feng Shui book at the beginning. Then, the mother-in-law kicked the door and came in.

This is Feng Shui and son-in-law

. Can anyone tell me what this stalk is?

What is the reader reading? The fundamental problem is that the reader doesn’t want to read the book, but you don’t have a stalk that tricks him into reading. Naturally, he doesn’t read

the correct example: the male protagonist pretends to work outside, but he is actually the God of War. When he gets home, his wife In an affair, the male protagonist sends his wife 300,000 working expenses every year, a lot of which is given to his wife, and is used up by his wife when he buys a bag

. Way to

wait, in short, it is very simple, find one,,, I will write it as a joke, but you are more angry if you look at it at a glance, or something, this is a stalk

. . . . .

[three: opening structure]

structure. . . In fact, there is nothing to say about the

structure. The newcomer can read it, and the master can skip it.

After the selection is completed, you often have a basic structure. You need to analyze the poor information from this structure. Direction, if the information is poor enough, just enhance the poor information.

Example: The male protagonist pretends to work outside, but he is actually a god of war. When he returns home, his wife is cheating. Yes , I was used up by my wife to buy a bag. The

contradiction is,,, I chose a social stalk, that is, migrant workers, working hard and giving money to my wife, but my wife spends the money and does not take good care of her daughter

. What is the structure? ?

The main purpose of the structure can be understood as

how to structure the information difference?

The above is a contradiction, first fill in, the male protagonist has a strong identity, make a contrast, that is, the male protagonist is the god of war

around this, further reinforcement

My male protagonist is not only the god of war, but for the sake of his wife, he wants to surprise you, so he pretends to be working outside (or, it can be said, out of confidentiality). Now that I am home, I want to surprise my wife

, but at first glance, I am very What a bolt from the blue, when my daughter was eating sour water

, I asked, what’s going on, oh, my wife took the “hard-earned money” that I sent back every year

. With

this structure, in general, the relationship between the family, the wife, and the male protagonist is dominated by poor information

. . .

Speaking of this, I especially appreciate the structure of the giant god of war. I think his structure is the best

example of performance: he wants to protect a girl who was kind to him a few years ago. The girl

was very unhappy in the family. If you want to disgust her, choose an ugly husband for her, and the male protagonist sneaks in,

so the information is poor

: the female protagonist doesn’t know, the male protagonist is here to protect her, and he also thinks that the male protagonist is poor and white

, and the female protagonist’s parents don’t know. , I am very upset about this son-in-law who deliberately disgusted them, and I don’t blame him

three. The family is overjoyed, thinking that the disgusting heroine has succeeded.

There are some elements such as the heroine who needs to be favored.

Some elements are relatively simple, you analyze it, In fact, there is no information difference,

but if you analyze the Tianwang, Tianshen Temple, there is no good structure, and the information is poor, so this is not necessary, just a way of thinking, the game of the giant god of war is the representative of the excellent structure

[four, the first three The first 30,000 words of 10,000 characters

, that is, from the free time to the point of the card on the shelf,

some people have summed up a lot of methods, what three lines in one, after the outbreak, leave a layer of explosiveness. . . Hey, we don’t write books to write eight-part essays, it’s a good way, but we have to understand

it correctly. . . Your basic structure does not match this, you force it, it will only get worse

Newcomer reading: New media, the most important thing is this 30,000 words, 30,000 words are enough to revive the dead, change a street book to a monthly income of one million, you recharge enough, it is your admission ticket , So, no matter how much effort you spend on this, you can’t be too

advanced. The primary version: that kind of wireless literary idea of ​​​​a hammer in the east and a hammer in the west, it is not advisable here! ! What do you mean, that is, my male protagonist goes shopping for clothes, pretends to slap in the face, goes to buy a car, pretends to slap in the face… If this has little to do with the card point, at the level, there is no closeness and promotion. , don’t write a single word , it

‘s pure nonsense, I remember even the son-in-law has such broken fragments, this is wrong, not advisable, don’t write the

advanced version:

I will give an

example directly: the male protagonist is working outside in disguise, but in reality The above is God of War. When I got home, my wife was cheating. The male protagonist sent his wife 300,000 working expenses every year, a lot of which was given to his wife. The wife bought the bag and used it up.

First, you have to establish a card point. Point, design all the remaining plots (it is emphasized here that the design is by no means deliberate, but must be logical, in line with the logic of the story)

Of course, it is best, incidentally, to have a core villain, use

card points at the beginning,,, I Provide a way of thinking, that is, write the book as a short story, what is going to end, and what is stuck. . . Then you call it back and you’re done.

For example: the male protagonist has a big banquet, the God of War returns, and his wife is divorced in a showdown, and he has to take his daughter to take care of

this. In the scene,

you will find that there is a lack of events. . What event? Of course, the villain is killed, and who is the villain? We don’t know yet

. Going back to the beginning, through the deduction

, a simple story deduction, first of all, two plots are drawn. First, when I get home, I see my daughter eating sour water

. Second, the male protagonist is shocked and goes to his wife

. It’s stuck, and other problems arise. You don’t even have a son-in-law’s essay anymore. This is too damaging for the later stage. You forced it to finish it. Your later stage is particularly difficult to write. in the frame

So, there is a choice problem that needs to be dealt with by you. How to choose the heroine?

The Palace of Heavenly Kings is a natural choice. It is the male protagonist who misunderstood the female protagonist. The female protagonist is innocent. The bad ones are all villains. The male protagonist follows the female protagonist and returns to the family .

We can also have a second choice.

The basic structure, that is, the heroine is shameless and squanders the money of the hero, either you rationalize this action, for example, if you have difficulties, or just abandon the heroine and transfer it to another treatment, that is, wrong love, so, naturally, a paragraph The background creates the

background: Five years ago, the male protagonist had sex with a girl, causing her to give birth to a child. The male protagonist came back to make up for it and married the female protagonist. Finally, he found out that he had admitted the wrong person. Ah’s daughter is The biological daughter, the wife is not the

last person to be replaced by the real wife. It is

good to return to the background of the son-in-law. After dealing with this, the problem comes again. What about the villain? Another question,,, from the beginning to the 30,000 words, what is the core anxiety plot?

This is a design based on different opinions.

For example, the villain, he is a rich second generation, and wants to possess the ‘real heroine’, but the hero does not know it yet. Need to keep an eye on the child

. For example, the heroine’s child was stolen and taken away. This is her heartbreak. The villain wants to get this, so that the heroine is grateful to him. It’s

too tired to think about the outline, so I don’t want to. It is complete, from the beginning of the story to the card point, you step by step, you can deduce the plot closely, and then write it to perfection. During the period, you add some clues, merge them into the card point and release

. This is the complete, first-line polishing. , the three lines are combined

here, the card point is regressed, and a lot of content has been born in the card point, which can become: the male protagonist, who is the wife of “***”, wants to go back and repay the kindness, take advantage of the situation to get a divorce, and have a relationship with his ex-wife Divorced, the ex-wife is eager to leave this poor man and throw herself into the arms of the rich second generation, but she does not know that the rich second generation is lying to her. When the male protagonist learned that, he was furious and confessed the truth that he was his father. . .

From this card point, you have derived a lot of plots. You can create them one by one, adjust the order, and you will be done in 30,000


. Let’s talk about some of the design methods in the outlines that are different from the wireless text.

For example, the magic doctor text, what is the classic plot that pops up in your mind?

A certain boss, his life is on the line, he is about to die, and no one can save him. The male protagonist takes action and saves the male protagonist in the late stage. He fights with the

top ten doctors and competes in medical skills

, right?

Is it right? It’s not quite right, why isn’t it right, because as I said, the readers of the new media don’t know this is a novel, he is here to watch a gimmick,

he has been tricked by you to read the beginning of the story,

how does he feel about you? The kind, he is not interested, he just wants to see the interaction between the male and female protagonists.

You can write that, you can, but there is absolutely no new media’s own way of writing, and the stickiness is higher. Of course, it definitely doesn’t matter in the middle and late stages. I’m going to cultivate immortals. I can write whatever

I want. I’ll share with you. In the early and mid-term, the new media outline is written

in two steps. One: I don’t do anything ; I push the main line once a year


Woolen cloth?

For example, when readers come to see your meme, they send money home to that one. . The reader has been tricked by you to see the listing card point, does he have the desire to keep looking down? No, once you give him one. . . . You write the plot, it is far away, if you hit a hammer in the east and a stick in the west, he may leave

your plot, so you need to be more concise.

I will not talk about falsehood. I will

pass an example. In your 30,000-word plot, you find that there are There are many elements. For example, the male protagonist gave the female protagonist a bank card. The bank card has 100 billion, but it was specially encrypted. The female protagonist lost the bank card in

the plot. You did not deal with the tail

The male protagonist entered the marriage many years ago. At that time, it was agreed that they would divorce in six years. Now it has been five and a half years. The father-in-law is about to come back


The plot is, the father-in-law is about to come back, you have to create this tension, and, if the current stage of the plot is all written around this, how can you flatter your father-in-law and plan to give away antiques?

The father-in-law must have disagreed. If the male and female protagonists continue the marriage contract, they will definitely ask for a divorce. So,

will the father-in-law encounter any problems when he brings his favorite rich second generation back? What is

the male protagonist going to do to sort out his worth?

After the main trunk comes out, you can deal with it while you mix it with private goods, get some more loose, and fill in the water plot. In short, the basic feeling is to create a feeling that I am focusing on a certain thing, and I will deal with it at the moment, and No, from the very beginning of the whole book, there are loose lines, and when you find one,

it is problematic to deal with more than one writing. Principle 1 is required: do nothing;

what does it mean to advance the main line once a year?

Because you keep pushing the main line like this, it will cause the main line to collapse and advance too fast, so you need to divide the plot line into two and one, which is the real main line. For example, five years ago, the big secret of how the male protagonist’s family was destroyed


if someone doesn’t understand, you can refer to

Conan Conan has been solving cases, but it also has its main line, how to change it back, behind-the-scenes organization. . . . This kind of thing, just to hang on to the end, when you think about it, just write it down, and if you don’t think about it, keep solving the case

. Your basic idea should be like this, you keep writing other things, and you think of it,, oh, occasionally advance it, be a little deeper (Actually, the main line is written like a nonsense plot).

Then, if the plot is satisfied, it means nothing is

done. What does this principle mean?

That is, after you have finished writing, think back, if I delete this plot, it will not affect the characters. No effect? Is there any damage to the core of my book? If you think about it, there is damage, you are wrong

What does that mean?

The heroine, if she can change her opinion on the male lead

, she can change her opinion if she doesn’t, but you must find an excuse, and then go back to the old lady.

If the old lady can not change her attitude towards the male lead, it will not change

if the father can not change her attitude towards the male lead, and it will not change.

In short, You have written a large section of the messy plot, all kinds of collisions, all kinds of “main lines”, if you think about it carefully, you can delete them, so as not to destroy the basic structure of information difference

here is the difference, it

‘s me As I said before, the male protagonist goes to buy some clothes, pretends to slap the face, buys a car, pretends to slap in the face,,, that kind of plot is purely casual, useless, try to write as little as possible

what I mean, the male protagonist Around the old lady’s birthday, she wrote a long story vigorously, and finally ended…, everyone was further suspicious of the male protagonist, shocked by the male protagonist, but they were both eggs, and the difference was not big, understand?

Even if you are bitten to death, you can hold on to 800,000 words. If you destroy these basic elements,

you will basically be on fire.

Finished writing, and if you don’t understand, you can communicate, but I don’t necessarily know the answer. I will try my best. ,limited ability

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