Glorious: In the fifth year of Feilu, an analysis of Feilu’s wind in 2021 (dry goods)

From last year to now, a lot of things have happened. I wanted to make a post to record some of those stories with the author, but think about it, forget it, who cares? next time! For

From last year to now, a lot of things have happened. I wanted to make a post to record some of those stories with the author, but think about it, forget it, who cares? next time! For example, from what you think is dry goods.

From the second half of last year to this year, the style of Fei Lu’s books has undergone quite obvious changes.

Most of the authors of the outside station may not feel very real. After all, they are not often in Feilu. It is their ability to understand, and it is normal to not understand.

The old writers in Feilu, especially the authors who used to be on the list, have a very real feeling about Feilu today, or in other words, they have been hit quite real!

Because, Feilu has changed, and the changes are quite big.

When I first came.

In 2016 and 2017, fans were popular, and the city dominated the list.

In 18 years, the same people began to be weak, history, floods, and myths began to rise.

In 2019, the fantasy appeared.

Until 20 years, Xuanhuan has often been on the list, such as the recovery of spiritual energy, the retelling of demons, the recovery of terror… and it is a powerful fantasy, which has been on the list for several months.

When I came to Felu to write a book at that time, the authors often asked two things. 1. Do you have any ideas? 2. What type of Feilu is the most popular now?

Now, in my sense, asking these two, it works, but it doesn’t work much.

Because I casually searched for the Raiders posts of Longkong, and walked around the Feilu group a few times, I almost knew the category.

Under the premise of not violating the regulations, almost the public types, and today’s Feilu have achieved results. Such as small categories, detective suspense, science fiction, there are also more than 10,000 orders.

At the same time, Feilo is much less dependent on creativity now than it used to be.

A few years ago, an exquisite idea, Nafeilu, even if the story was average, it was common to have more than 1,000 subscriptions, and even thousands of subscriptions.

There are also creative ones, the stories are cool enough, and the climax stories are superimposed and easy to achieve results.

But now, some of the original writing style of Tianbang authors, the writing style has not changed, the creativity is very good, and they are still refreshing, but some will have a miserable subscription ratio.

Because, Fei Lu has changed.

In the past few years, I have spoken the most to the author, and one of them is. If you don’t pay attention to Feilu for three months, you may not know what Feilu is like.

There is an exaggeration, but that’s roughly what it means.

Most of Fei Lu’s authors focus on practicality (money), after all, for life. Under the premise of not violating the rules, what do you want to see, what do I write. (Don’t criticize me for being too blunt, I’m a vulgar person, I’m so hungry that I have no money.)

Therefore, in order to cater to readers’ preferences and to cater to the market, they change rapidly. Changes in readers’ preferences lead to changes in writers’ writing methods, and changes in the writing methods of a large number of authors lead to changes in readers’ preferences.

Under the premise of catering to the market and interacting with each other, Feilu changes very fast, and it is coming, which makes people caught off guard.

The following points are not entirely correct, and my personal opinion should be used as a reference.

The first point is anticipation.

At present, Feilu, within 24 hours of the first day, has a very high collection, such as 5,000 or 6,000 V collections on the first day, or tens of thousands of V collections, most of which are the beginning with a high sense of expectation.

At the same time, almost all of the books with good ordering ratios on the shelves have a high sense of expectation.

Also, after the launch, subscriptions continue to grow, and generally there is a high sense of expectation.

In fact, this sums up a piece of nonsense.

After all, a good-looking book is definitely full of expectations. When enough is enough, I hate the author for being slow in updating, and chasing updates every day is not enough to watch. Such as my favorite Wubai, as well as the recently very popular beater, Hongyue and so on.

The reason for putting “expectation” in the first place.

This is because Feilu in previous years did not really rely much on the sense of expectation.

At that time, as long as the rhythm was fast, the story was cool, the slap in the face was cool, the pretense was cool, the battle was cool, and all kinds of cool, even if the sense of expectation was a little weaker, and the look was cool, in the mind of the reader, there was also a sense of expectation, so that’s okay. High order.

But now, the original kind of pure and refreshing writing is different from the sense of expectation in the development of the story. It is pale and refreshing in comparison. If the sense of expectation is insufficient, there have been N times of high V and low bookings.

Big data proves that simple pure cool practicality is reduced. In comparison, slowing down the sense of anticipation of the story is the most practical.

To sum up, the first point is… Slowing down the sense of expectation on the basis of Shuangwen is a very core way of writing the wind direction.

An additional sentence: Some authors create some anticipation stories at the beginning in order to get close to the effect of pulling anticipation, but they are not actually anticipation. Maybe they are just pretending to be mysterious, and they may also cause a baffling and awkward reading experience at the beginning. For example, if the explanation is not explained clearly, it is called mystery to make readers look forward to it, maybe it is just to make readers not understand!

To give a few examples of Feilu’s outstanding sense of expectation and commonly used stalks: exposure, showdown, and historical orphans.

Exposure category and showdown category, the category that is often on the Feilu Tianbang, just search, and you will naturally understand.

The history of orphans starts from the first book of Tang Dynasty orphans. Generally speaking, the protagonist is the son of the emperor who lives in the people. The most direct is that the reader expects the moment when the protagonist and the emperor recognize each other and reveal their identity. Many historical articles are useful, and there are many such lists.

There are many more, not to mention one by one. If you watch a lot of Feilu Tianbang, you will naturally find out.

Second, the main line is clear.

Seeing this, someone may want to say it again. Isn’t this just another piece of nonsense! A book has no main line, or is it a book?

Don’t be surprised, Feilu has published some grades in the past few years, but there is really no main line.

Pretending to be slapped in the face, invincible crushing, all kinds of cool, just looking at the story, scattered, each has its own climax, and they are not connected. It’s cool to watch separately, and it’s cool to look at it together, but there’s no central storyline.

Even if this is the case, there have been hundreds of orders and thousands of orders.

This way, readers pay for it. Naturally, many authors write like this for the sake of fun. This also resulted in the fact that in the past few years, some of Feilu’s grades were ridiculed for nothing except making money.

But over time, from its beginnings last year, to this year, Feilo has some books that stand out. Most of the people who have seen it, whether readers or authors of other sites or this site, will think that. This book, whether in Feilu or outside, will still be popular.

Because Fei Lu’s wind has changed.

Now, as in the past, the way of writing without worrying about the main line, for the sake of the climax, bombarded and bombarded, can still produce results. It’s just that the probability is N times lower than before, and there are often cases of high V bookings.

On the contrary, the main line is clear, this main line is enough to attract readers, and the story is strong. Even if the collection is not too high, but after the launch, the subscriptions have steadily increased, often there are 1,000 subscriptions, and a few days later, it has grown to 10,000 subscriptions. There are even hundreds of subscriptions, the number of words is too large, and it has grown to ten thousand subscriptions.

Similarly, the main line is clear. If the main story is enough to attract readers, it will naturally form a sense of expectation. The main line does not collapse, and the rhythm is fast. This book will continue to attract readers to look forward to the development of the main line.

Here’s an important point: Feilu readers have a kind of “uniqueness” that they like this main story, so…it’s easy to have a paranoid idea that they just want to read this main story and are not interested in any other side stories. .

So, if the branch line is not attractive enough, add less. If you add more, you feel that your book has not collapsed, but the actual readers have already lost.

And writing the main story all the time will naturally lead to a situation where the rhythm is fast and the book ends quickly. This is why, no matter in the past few years or now, most of Feilu’s books are still fast-paced.

Solution: 1. If you don’t make quick money, you can add less side stories. One main line insists on writing 500,000 words, or even more than 300,000 words. After writing the most fun, the book can reach the peak sales volume. Then finish the new book.

2. During the writing period, another main line begins to pave the way to detect readers’ preferences, certainty and likes. After this main line ends, there is another one that can attract readers. At the same time, after about 200,000 words were put on the shelves, various straight lines began to be added to enrich the main line, so that the book had more words and more sales. This is roughly the same as that of each website, such as the starting point. The difficulty is much more difficult than the first one, the technology is not hard enough, and most of them are bringing themselves to collapse.

To sum up, the second point is… On the basis of fast-paced Shuangwen, the main story should be clear.

This is not an example. After all, you can learn what the main line is by reading a few of the most popular books on the Internet. It is nothing more than that Fei Lu Shu pays more attention to a main line, going all the way to black, extreme writing. It is similar to writing a book that can write 3 million words, and it can be written in 500,000 words.

The third point is the sense of gain.

This is the way Feilu has always written. It used to be not mainstream, but now it is one of the mainstream. This has also resulted in the well-known Feilo feature system. When I saw the title of a certain book, I said Fei Lufeng.

For example…Sign in to the system, select the system, automatically upgrade, hang up…

Because it is a sign-in, it has appeared on the N today’s list in Feilu, and there are also sales at other stations. Because these are all highlighted, that is, the harvest, the harvest of the bombardment.

The way of writing is also very direct. It is not necessarily whether the protagonist will use the reward of this harvest. Anyway, it is harvesting, which makes readers feel a full sense of harvest.

Of course, I’m exaggerating a bit. The harvest is roughly divided into several types. The more obvious ones are the harvest of items, the harvest of stronger and upgraded strength, and the harvest of feelings (mostly love).

In addition to the various obvious systems above. Also, like the copy XX that was prevalent in Felu earlier, it swallowed evolution. It is also like a golden finger that has become popular recently. My XX can cultivate by itself, my XX can evolve by itself, and my XX can be blackened by itself…

To sum up one sentence: the violent sense of harvest is one of the mainstream in the current Feilu fantasy, urban and other categories.

Fourth, the sense of conflict.

This is a nonsense summary.

After all, Fei Lu Shu has highlighted various conflicts in the story from a few years ago. The supporting characters are not looking for trouble, and the protagonist is not looking for trouble. There are even some books with no obvious stories, just all kinds of conflicts and contradictions, violent battles, pretending to be slapped in the face, cool and refreshing.

The reason why I only took it out is that this is mainly the beginning of Feilu. Fei Lu now starts with a high V on the first day, and most of them highlight two points, a sense of expectation or a sense of conflict.

The sense of conflict, such as some time ago, I demolished my XXX, and still wanted me to XXX, the title of the series highlights the conflict and contradiction. Or like this: I have ascended the throne… Rebellion?

And, like Hokage, there are several books that have been on the list recently, almost all of which are the conflicts between the Uchiha clan and the three generations of Hokage as the main line.

The opening highlights the conflict, if it is not for the fight at the time, or if it is not for the main line, it will start to fight when it is released. In short, they are all highlighting the sense of conflict, thereby forming a sense of expectation, making readers look forward to the moment when the conflict breaks out, or the moment when the protagonist is awesome when the conflict breaks out.

There are also some points. But in my opinion, these four are almost all included. In the end, let’s talk about which categories of Felu are currently popular! After all, some people do not lack the above four advantages, they just lack an option. It’s exhausting to find it yourself, so it’s better to read this post, maybe you will understand in advance.

At present, which is May 13, 2021, it may not be the following in a few months.

1. Urban: In addition to creative cool articles, Shenhao articles, and live broadcasts, they are the most popular and practical. Use meme, exposure, showdown, shock, all are not bad. Then there is the entrepreneurship article of the era, the collection is not high, but the subscription ratio is super good, the number of words is large, and the money is also large. Survival and exploratory classes are far inferior to those during the Chinese New Year, but occasionally there will be a few heavenly lists. Wilderness Quest is the best of its kind.

2. For entertainment articles, yearning is the hottest thing today, after all, it is the number one in the sky. As a friend of Longkong said, Feilu is not chaotic and longing to say what he wants to say, which is a classic summary.

3. Fantasy: Resurrection of spiritual energy, retelling of demons, or pure fantasy, practice, almost all of them are hell mode. That is to say, if it is written, it has more than 90% chance of rushing, but there are so few written, which will go straight to the top of the list, and they can stay on the top of the list for a long time. Even, such books, with 500 pre-orders, have the potential to be ranked in the sky. But most of them are difficult to even order 500. Other groups don’t know. Anyway, in my group, only a few Xuanhuan wrote real cows. Others are pitiful.

What to write recently, personal advice

Cultivate a fantasy. Such as most of the national XX series, or the global XX era. Or develop a sect. Anyway, to develop the urban construction category, Fei Lu’s favorite.

Also, the advent of terror and the resurgence of terror are considered supernatural, but in Feilu, it is a person dressed in supernatural skin, and most of them are written in fantasy. For this kind, the probability of being listed in the sky is high now, and the subscription ratio is also preferred.

4. Myths: Prehistoric, Journey to the West, Fengshen: Needless to say, writing him is a few hundred orders short, but it is enough to live on. Once it is written, the list is sprinkled with water. Some people say: Prehistoric is now impossible to fly. Then…go to pay attention to the Tianbang every day, you will understand whether the income is good or not.

5. History: At present, Daqin is regarded as the easiest Tianbang. Datang is not as brilliant as it used to be in the hegemony level, but occasionally a few Tianbangs are also fun. These two types are now generally a sense of expectation, such as getting an emperor’s son, or the sudden exposure of a certain mysterious identity, or a showdown if there is nothing to do. Although many people use it, it is very practical. Adviser of the Three Kingdoms is the easiest existence in the Three Kingdoms list. It is the kind of book that is so good when you read it. It may only have three plots when it is on the shelves, but it is the list of the heavens. Personal guess, maybe readers want to experience something with a little IQ. Although Feilu Three Kingdoms Adviser is not too high in terms of IQ, it can’t hold up and is durable. Daming, will occasionally come to a few Tianbang, in comparison, the difficulty of writing is more difficult than the above three. Others, Da Song, also, okay. In the Qing Dynasty, it was not recommended to write at the end of the Qing Dynasty, and the book would be lost.

6. Colleagues: Needless to say, for Siheyuan, thousands of N copies are ordered. Although it is not feasible now, the whole pocket money is still acceptable, and there is a probability that there are thousands of orders. Just pay attention to control, don’t write what shouldn’t be written.

Anime doujin, that is naturally the existence of the same human ceiling. Hokage, just write a few hundred orders, occasionally a few thousand orders, ten thousand orders, and it’s normal. Pirate is a little bit worse, but it’s not too difficult to order a few thousand. Ultraman, Conan, Mask, the order-to-order ratio is very good. Daily ensemble, really not much, but stable. For example, if you change every day, you may order thousands of orders a month. I have an author who never breaks updates, and only has 6,000 words on the shelves. For the latest update, there are still two or three thousand orders. After all, there are not many such books, but a handful of readers love to read them, and they are enough to support the authors who write such books.

In terms of film and television, Marvel fans are not bad, and old film and television fans in Hong Kong are also good, such as zombies, etc., not much else.

The special forces colleagues are also considered to be the same as the existence of the human ceiling. They are regulars in the sky list. I am not sure whether they are well written or not. Anyway, many people can make a lot of money. Of course, pay attention to the scale, do not write what should not be written.

Finally, a few scattered words:

City·Game Development and Design, City·Black Technology Shocked, City Rebirth Campus Love

Western Fantasy·City Development, Centenarian Series, Cute Pet Animals

Some time ago, I heard an author tell me about the characteristics of each editor in charge of Feilu.

which is about me.

Radiance: Novice Village. After learning, you can go to other places to fight monsters and upgrade.

Interesting summary. I have always claimed to be the gold medal mentor of Feilu newcomers. I didn’t expect to be stereotyped as only suitable for newcomers. (Forced to explain a wave).

But I am also fortunate that someone recognizes that I can teach new people, which is also a success for me.

In the blink of an eye, I have been in Feilu for more than five years, during which a lot of stories have happened. I want to talk about it and feel that it is useless.

Can only be summed up in a few incoherent words…

People go, the building is not empty, the mountain gate here is full of talented people. Watch the clouds rise and fall, the wind rises and falls, new people rise, and old people leave.

The luckiest thing is that I am still here, and my heart is still the same!

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