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 ————The dividing line————  Linjiangxian: Hello Guanghui, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to accept the special interview for our Dragon Sky Forum [Longmen Interview].  Feilu Guanghui: I am personally very

 ————The dividing line————
  Linjiangxian: Hello Guanghui, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to accept the special interview for our Dragon Sky Forum [Longmen Interview].
  Feilu Guanghui: I am personally very honoured to have such an opportunity to exchange creative experiences with the vast number of authors and friends of Hongkong.
  Lin Jiangxian: How did you get on the path of editing?
  Fei Lu Guanghui: When I was in high school, I started trying to write my books in about 2008.
  The reason why I write books is mainly that I read a lot of online articles when I was in school, and some of them are very well written.
  Fei Lu Guanghui: Then I entered the online literature circle, and I started to pay attention to online articles, writing skills, etc. Then around 2009, I set two goals for myself.
  Fei Lu Guanghui: Write a book, become a god, or be a web editor.
  Fei Lu Guanghui: I just felt at the time that it was awesome to be able to guide so many great editors, and I was envious. Of course, I am even more envious, God, I make a lot of money.
  Linjiangxian: It’s a very simple idea. I also thought the same way back then…
  Fei Lu Guanghui: I should be a precocious type. That is, I studied hard since I was a child. I didn’t want to show my parents that I was good at learning. I just wanted to get into a good school and have a good job in the future.
  Fei Lu Guanghui: Just like I wrote a book, it is not a complete dream, just because I think I can eat this meal and make money.
  Feilu Guanghui: Therefore, my goal is to become a god or an editor. In short, I will not make useless efforts and must give myself direction.
  Fei Lu Guanghui: But the ideal is plump, and the reality is skinny. All through high school, I couldn’t make any money writing books, let alone get names.
  Fei Lu Guanghui: Then I was lucky enough to be admitted to the university. I continued to bury my head in writing. From the beginning of university to graduation practice, I did not give up. Even after graduating from college, I persisted for a few years.
  Fei Lu Guanghui: During that time, I don’t know how many times I thought of giving up. But every time I give up for a few days, the idea of ​​writing a book begins again.
  Feilu Guanghui: Now it seems that I may be the most untalented type of person that @小郎君
said…   Linjiangxian: How many 10,000 words did you write? Which websites have you been to?
  Fei Lu Guanghui: Cover your face.
  Fei Lu Guanghui: From high school to now, it is conservatively estimated that there should be more than 20 million, right?
  Feilu·Guanghui: As for the website…
  Feilu·Guanghui: What starting point, vertical and horizontal, 17k, Genesis, etc… Let’s put it this way, I have been to all Longkong netizens who can be named.
  Fei Lu Guanghui: I have also changed a lot of pseudonyms, so many that I have forgotten many of them!
  Feilu Guanghui: During the period, I gave up the idea, but I didn’t give up later. Of course, I didn’t insist on my dream. Just because I thought about it and thought about it, I found that I can’t do anything except write books…
  Feilu Guanghui: Of course, it’s mainly because some jobs don’t make much money, and I can’t stand it.
  Fei Lu Guanghui: I have been working so hard and I don’t have a lot of money. It’s better to write a book. At least, I have enough to live on. At the same time, I can feel that I am making progress.
  Fei Lu Guanghui: I will have a chance, maybe I will be in the next book.
  Feilu Guanghui: In 2015, a buddy and I told me that this year I will earn 100,000! If I can’t earn it, I won’t stay in this small county, and I’ll go to Beijing to find a job!
  Fei Lu Guanghui: I went to Beijing to look for a job after the New Year.   Feilu Guanghui: Facts have proved…I overestimated my strength, so…I just passed the new year in 16 years, and I didn’t pass the 15th year, so I rushed to Beijing.   Fei Lu Guanghui: At that time, to quickly find a job, I voted for editor and game copywriter and editor respectively.   Fei Lu Guanghui: Because I have written a lot of fantasy before, I think I can also be a game copywriter. Later, I passed interviews with some game companies, which gave me a lot of confidence. But I always feel unwilling to write in my heart, I don’t want to just give up the online article, so I waited and waited, and finally came to Fei Lu’s interview opportunity.   Fei Lu Guanghui: At that time, my boss and my deputy editor were interviewing me. Until now, I am very grateful to these two for their kindness to me and gave me a chance to continue struggling in the online literature circle.   Feilu Guanghui: I read a lot, I write a lot, I have tried various categories, and even women have written it…   Feilu Guanghui: So, I easily passed the interview and became a website member.   Fei Lu Guanghui: However, when I first entered the website, I did not directly become the editor-in-chief, but did the content operation for some time.   Feel Glorious: Although the salary was not high during that time, it was only enough to maintain food and clothing. But my work during that time helped me a lot in the future.   Feilu·Guanghui: Because it is a content operation, it mainly reads and comments on books. Therefore, I go to work and read books every day to understand the trend of Feilu and think about the difference between Feilu and Feliu, and think about the authors of Feliu. How to quickly adapt to the wind direction here and so on.   Feilu Guanghui: At that time, I never thought that I could become the editor-in-chief. The main reason was to let myself get used to it first, and then write a book while going to work…

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