A brief analysis of the online article market and changes in wind direction (long article warning)

After I joined 17K recently, many old writers came to ask me what themes are better to write about. After thinking about it, I felt that this should involve the wind direction of a web

After I joined 17K recently, many old writers came to ask me what themes are better to write about. After thinking about it, I felt that this should involve the wind direction of a web market, and there are some immature personal analysis.

, share it, and I hope it can help the authors to choose the theme when they open the book.

Regarding the wind direction of the online literature market, it is generally relatively general. When I analyzed and summarized it myself, I divided it into several aspects according to various factors, such as: policy wind direction, website wind direction, and overall environmental wind direction ( In terms of channel wind direction), time wind direction, hot wind direction, and content, I will share my immature personal opinions from these sections, and I will add what I have later.

1. The policy wind direction

The policy wind direction, the reason why this is put in the first place is that compared with several other wind directions that are biased towards the reader’s market, this is a bit special, and it should be a wind direction that needs to be paid more attention. Whether the editor receives the manuscript, or the author opens the book, this will be the first consideration.

The policy wind direction is easier to understand in the literal sense, and it is more grounded. For example, in the net network every year, there will be some themes, and some content will be affected by the policy wind direction.

In addition to the specific content of the book, there are various censorships involving pornography, politics and gangs, and some types of topics are inherently more sensitive, such as topics that were relatively easy to be involved in politics in the past, topics involving feudal superstition, and for example Last year’s boom, both light and heavy, will be affected by policy winds.

This kind of policy trend, the editor will generally summarize a little more than the author, and the editor will also remind the author when the author opens the book, otherwise it will be hard to grind out a beginning, but it will be very uncomfortable if you can’t sign for publication. Some authors voted for me before. Rich started, but there were already many restrictions at that time.

When opening a new book, you can ask the editor to understand it first to avoid restrictions on some topics.

If you want to know first, you can read more articles and news about online literature, or pay attention to similar articles like ” 2019 Blue Book of Chinese Internet Literature “ , there is still a lot of information in it. Last week, I just saw the ” 2019 Blue Book of Chinese Internet Literature 

in the company’s weekly newspaper. After a rough look, I feel that the three views behind are positive, and works that spread positive energy should become more and more popular. In addition, there are Some additional various information is also a lot. If you know more about this, and when you open the book to write in those directions, it will be clearer and more secure. 2. The overall environmental wind direction (channel wind direction) From the perspective of recent years, the reader environment of the entire online article market is changing, and in general, changes in the reader environment will in turn affect the content.

By comparison, it can be found that the old Baiwen market has changed since about 15 years ago, and the reader environment has begun to change. Personally, I feel that readers are becoming more and more younger. On the basis of this change in readers, the content generated in recent years , has also become more and more relaxed, more routine, to compare the content of the two periods, there have been differences.

This kind of change in the reader’s environment seems to have lasted for five or six years, which is relatively long, but if it is aimed at the old Baiwen readers, when the book is currently open, if this style is selected, the probability of getting up is higher under the same quality.

Looking at the wireless market, many channels, if they are sensitive to the reader market, should also feel that some changes have taken place.

For example, the texts of the son-in-law that were popular all over the Internet before, this is a bit representative, and the changes of such topics last year and this year are quite big.

Many people should have also discovered that last year, almost all websites were mainly accepting texts, but this year, few editors have accepted them, and many are saying that this type of market is saturated.

I have thought about and discussed market saturation with some editors before, what it means specifically, and talk about the understanding of a little immature individual that I usually observe.

From the observation of many channels, compared with last year, the quality of the new books of the new son-in-law has not declined compared with last year, but the new books of the son-in-law have achieved much less. One is that it is difficult for the new books to compete with the old books.

Also, because the overall readership may have changed a bit.

Basically, every type of book will have a specific number of readers. Last year, all the major channels used the son-in-law to attract traffic. Therefore, a large number of son-in-law readers were attracted, which directly pushed the son-in-law’s article to a climax.

At that time, when this theme was just emerging, the market had not yet cultivated the users of the son-in-law. This theme should still be a blue ocean in the web market at that time, and then vigorously promoted it from various channels in various places, and the son-in-law entered the audience who had never read it In the eyes of the readers who have passed the son-in-law, during that time, there were one after another of this type of fire books.

But after that period of time, especially this year, the son-in-law has already declined, and the quality of the son-in-law that appeared later is not bad, even better than the son-in-law at the beginning, but there are not many results.


The subject of the son-in-law may have been washed by the whole reader. After all, it is only a branch subject of the city, and the homogeneity is serious. If this type of subject is opened, don’t use the old routines, and some innovations may be easier to get up. .

In the entire market, the number of readers is limited. With the vigorous promotion last year, suppose that 1,000 people are attracted to read the book every day, and they start to read the in-laws crazily. Son-in-law, but after a long time, 500 readers vomited. No matter how good the quality is, he still suffers from aesthetic fatigue. If he encounters a son-in-law later, it will be difficult to read it again. This group of readers is lost and it is difficult to come back. Look at the son-in-law of the same routine, and so on. For every 1,000 readers introduced, 500 readers will be lost. When most of the readers who like to watch the son-in-law in the entire market are promoted, the number of new readers will continue to decrease, and the number of old readers will continue to decrease. Continued loss will lead to a situation where it is difficult to write a new son-in-law this year.

Those books that have been up are the ones that have already received a lot of dividends, the first to eat crabs, and have accumulated a lot of old readers on those old books with millions of words, so from many channels, they are very popular. Most of them are still son-in-law, but if you scan the best-selling list more, and then come to the conclusion that it is easy to get popular, you will most likely rush, unless the quality is particularly good and you get rid of the content that is routine.

From a certain point of view, the factors that affect whether a book is successful is not only the content, but the content is one of the factors. Another factor is the readership in the entire online literature market. These readers also affect the Can a book yield results?

When opening a book, you can combine these two aspects. When opening a book, you can consider your own content, such as the outline and the main line, and at the same time, you can also think about the changes in the reader environment in the current online text market.

Both authors and editors are paying attention to changes in the online text market.

For editors, one ability is to point out the strengths and weaknesses of some articles and improve them, and the other is to be able to observe changes in market trends, and to communicate with the author which subject is the most popular subject in the market recently, and which subject has a saturated market.

Going one step further, the editor should be able to predict changes in the wind direction, market changes, and tell the author in advance which subject is likely to become popular, so that the author can be one step ahead and become the first batch of crab eaters in the market, and the probability of publishing a popular book will increase. , of course, this step is just me making a fool of myself, bragging, far from reaching this level.

For example, when we usually sweep the list, there are some topics with potential for fire. Maybe the results of that kind of book are not good for the time being. However, can we perceive that this topic is a different topic from the readers, wind direction, and other aspects.

For example, through the change of readers, we can analyze the types of books that younger readers like.

But for now, I’m just at the stage of groping on my own, and I have to continue to learn with the big guys on our website. Some authors want me to predict the trend, which is the next topic that can be popular. To be honest, I There is no way to do it now, and the author can only say some immature opinions that he usually observes by himself.

And the other, maybe for the author, how to see some wind directions.

On the one hand, you can go to the rankings of major websites to sweep the list. Under normal circumstances, various lists are still very valuable, and it can also reflect from one side what content this website is suitable for. However, as I just said , On many channels, some old books have accumulated a large number of old readers, that is, those with millions of words and tens of millions of words, the first batch of old books that eat crabs are no longer representative, and sometimes new book lists , which can reflect the wind direction more quickly.

The other is, for example, recently, when you use Douyin or QQ space, etc., you will see some advertisements on various websites and channels to attract traffic, and short videos made of novels. For example, everyone sees The various son-in-law essays I have seen are popular, and I have seen a lot of creative essays. Recently, the books that are often brought to Pangolin and Guangdiantong are the types that some readers have reported better.

Of course, if you have nothing to do, you can also chat with your editor more, brainstorm ideas, and have a better collision of ideas


3. The trend of website sexuality

, in layman’s terms, the authors are struggling to choose a platform or a certain website. At present, some websites are old white texts, some are wireless texts, some are all kinds of creative texts, and some websites are How to choose a niche subject.

There are also some author bosses who have produced results on this website. When they go to another website, they will be unaccustomed to the situation. After all, the various environments of the website are different.

When author bosses open a book, they can talk to the editor first to see what kind of readers this website is, or go directly to the list to scan the list. Generally speaking, the various lists of many websites are still very difficult. Compared with the best-selling list or similar lists of other names, that is, the list of old books and the list of new books, it is easier to reflect the current trend of the website.

For many websites, most of the best-seller lists are basically old books with many words, accumulating a group of readers, but over time, the readers’ tastes and preferences of the website’s readers may have changed. If you see a book. The traditional fantasy with nearly 10 million words remains high on the best-selling list, but it does not mean that the probability of writing traditional fantasy fantasy is very high. It involves many factors, such as changes in readers over the past few years, such as the number of words.

The new book list is actually closer to the current website environment. The new books that can be published are generally books that have adapted to the current reader environment and can be published under the current reader environment.

At the same time, it is also the main direction for editors to receive articles recently. For example, on our 17K side, because there are editors in various genres, in addition to wireless articles, there are new media, creative articles, and other categories of online game articles on the new book list. A few books have also appeared recently. When sweeping the list, it can be clearly seen that the best-seller list and the new book list are different.

If you only look at the best-selling list, it is still a lot of previous large-scale wireless articles, and the best-selling list has a certain lag in the trend of the website.

Therefore, when the authors submit their manuscripts, one is to go to the website to scan the list first, and the other is to ask the editor. Generally speaking, editors are more sensitive to changes in the trend of various readers in the market, and the main receiving type also reflects a lot of changes. .

In addition, the comment areas of some websites can also reflect the readers’ preferences, and can summarize the poisonous and cool points corresponding to the readers of their respective websites, and be more prepared when opening the book.

4. Hot trend

With regard to the hot trend, feedback is given in a certain period of time. In the entire online text market, there may be certain groups of readers who like certain types of content.

Just like before 2012, there was a time when the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world. During this period, a lot of eschatological texts appeared, and many of them were successful. At that time, the readers of eschatological texts changed relatively. It’s a lot easier to get a book out.

Usually, some authors will come to exchange when they open a new book.

Some hot trends are long and some short, some are as popular as the previous apocalyptic texts, lasting several years, but some are hot for a few days, and can you polish the beginning and write them out in this heat to catch the heat, and at the same time What to do after the popularity is over is a question that needs to be considered when opening a new book. For example, a celebrity’s popularity is only a few days, and after a few days, the readership will also decrease. Can you write one in a few days? Catching these readers is a question that needs to be considered by oneself. How to continue to write the subsequent main line, and whether the outline is well done should also be considered.


5. Temporal wind direction.

This time span is relatively long, and under normal circumstances, the author will not encounter this kind of problem. It often takes several years or more to feel some changes.

For example, the classification of online games was very popular in the 2000s, but there were too many related works, and after the routines were not refurbished, readers would often wash off a lot, resulting in the type of online games in the future, from the previous fire to the relatively poor development. .

Recently, with the development of some new readers, the addition of new readers has made many online game articles, often the content is not at the level of the sky, but it is very good. For example, an online game that has recently appeared on our 17K side , I was still discussing this book at the meeting a few days ago

, in addition to the content, on the one hand, because this type of book is relatively lacking in the near future, but the reading demand of readers is very large, in fact, in this case, as long as the content is OK, plus the huge readership group, will make A book comes up quickly.

In the case of wireless texts, this is also the reason. However, the overall market for wireless texts is huge. If the influx of new readers and the loss of old readers can achieve a relative balance, in fact, there is no need to worry too much about the subject matter you write. Soon to be eliminated from the market

Of course, if you look at a topic that is highly prosperous and everyone is vigorously promoting it, but there is no serious refurbishment and homogenization, and at the same time, the market is vigorously washing readers through drainage, and the reader washing is very fast. At this time, you still have to do more on your own. Think about how long this topic can be popular, how many readers are there overall, how long it takes to be washed, how many days can it last, and whether it can be caught in this hot period.


In fact, so much has been said about the wind direction of content. The final destination should still be placed on the content. After all, grasping a wind direction to open a book is equivalent to having a certain reader base, and the final result of the book still depends on the content. look at the content.

Because of different ideas, different authors, different writing power, different types, and different contents, some detailed contents will not be discussed, but some common points will be discussed in general, combined with readers and wind directions.

When reviewing manuscripts, the first thing to look at is the author’s writing and writing skills. Many old authors should also know that they are all the same themes, the same creativity, but the results are very different. Here, the writing, rhythm, and writing skills are missing one. Not possible.

If the content and writing power are very strong, it can even go against the trend of the website. The choice of the wind direction mentioned above can only allow the author to choose which books may be better when he opens the book, which is complementary to the content.

It’s like a topic on a tuyere, the content does not need to be against the sky, and it can attract many readers if it is well-behaved.

If the content is strong enough and the great god opens the book, he can create a wind direction by himself, such as spiritual qi recovery. , has been able to create the wind direction, infinite flow, flood, aura recovery, etc. To sum up this point, in fact, it is only four words, the text is good and can be broken.

Just like what the boss told me before, readers are one aspect, and the implementation depends on the content. The market trend is changing rapidly, and the changes in the readership group are also difficult to grasp, but for the writers, hone their own content. , so that you can seize the opportunity when the market wind direction changes and when the opportunity comes, no matter how it changes, the content is always the foundation of your life.

Editing your own professional skills can help the author to grasp the trend, and assist the author to avoid some technical problems in the content, but the hard power of writing and writing still depends on the efforts of each author, especially for new writers. For new writers entering the industry, first write a million words, and then combine their own understanding, the second book can try to think about what kind of reader group their writing is for.

To sum up, it is actually focusing on the market, and finally based on the content.

Bits and pieces, I think of where to write it, it’s a bit long-winded

, some things may be limited by personal vision and knowledge may not be accurate, a little immature opinion throws a piece of advice, I hope it can be of some help to you, I wish you a higher level in the second half of the year!

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