A little tip on writing an novel outline

  Outlines have always been my weak point, so I have been learning about this. At first, I used templates I found on the Internet, such as [book title, introduction, characters, golden fingers, and main line].

  Outlines have always been my weak point, so I have been learning about this. At first, I used templates I found on the Internet, such as [book title, introduction, characters, golden fingers, and main line]. I filled it out step by step. , At that time, I could really get a great sense of accomplishment, but when I wrote it, I realized that it could not be implemented. Then, I tried some other methods, such as those shared by some great gods, or those widely circulated on the Internet, but the results were not satisfactory. Maybe these methods are useful, but they are not suitable for me, or I did not learn the essence of them.

  In these recent times, I finally found a way.

  I can only say that this method has some effect on me, and I can’t guarantee the effect. Maybe the seniors have shared similar things, or they are superficial. Everyone is concerned.

  Said to be sharing, in fact, it is also used for attracting jade. I hope that some big guys will give opinions and supplement and improve.

  First of all, I divided the book I want to write into two parts: [worldview] and [plot]

  In terms of worldview, I have been using the “Three Hundred Questions on Worldview Architecture” shared by a big boss on Douban. There are a total of 300 questions. After answering them one by one, the basic worldview setting will come out. Interested dragon friends can search on the Internet, and I will not repeat them here.

  I mainly talk about the [plot] part, the method I use is [reverse push], or you can create your own name [premise method].

  I will start by giving a book a beginning and an ending based on the worldview and the bits and pieces in my head. For example, in an ordinary fantasy world, the protagonist travels here and is just a handyman disciple of a small sect. At the end, he overthrew the ruler of this world, ****, immortal, and the whole book is finished.

  [Overthrow ***] is the anchor point.

  Then I set this anchor point as the center: *** Who? Why overthrow? How is his strength? Who are the strong men under his command?

  What means does the protagonist use to overthrow him? Solo kill? What state does the protagonist need to reach to kill him alone? How does the protagonist achieve this state?

  If you don’t just kill, but rely on a huge force to push the **** flat, what should this force be like? How to build such a force? Who will be in here?

  For each question, a line will be derived.

  And every line can be almost endlessly asked.

  If you use a mind map to ask questions, almost every level of the mind map will increase exponentially. The more detailed the questions are, the more detailed the questions will be, and it can even be accurate to the identity and doing of the three generations of an unknown ancestor. .

  Of course, this is a theoretical extreme case, and of course I have never done it myself…

  We just need to dig deeper and deeper on important issues until we think we’re almost there, then stop. In this way, at least the big frame of the whole book comes out, and the characters, plot, power settings, etc. basically have a general outline. I will not be particularly detailed in this regard, as long as a few key lines are identified.

  Then, it can be roughly divided into volumes.

  When making the outline of each volume, I will first think of a few climax points, and then use these big climaxes to push back.

  For example, the climax of my first volume is [defeat a sect genius who is favored by many elders of the sect] as a handyman, so I will use this as an anchor and start asking questions.

  Who is this sect Tianjiao? What realm? What grudges do you have with the protagonist? How to complain? Why do you have to beat him? Because he killed one of the protagonist’s comrade in the labor house? Who is this partner and why did he offend each other? How did his relationship with the protagonist get so good that the protagonist wants to avenge him?

  What kind of strength does the protagonist have to defeat him? How to achieve this strength? What is the first step?

  Who is on the sidelines during the fight? How do they view the battle? Is there anyone who believes that the protagonist can win? How to win to bring emotions to the highest point?

  If so…

  In this way, the general main line of the first volume and the foreshadowing to reach this climax have basically come out, and then it will be sorted out a little, and the detailed outline will be released.

  If you think a main line is too thin, you can think about a few more points, push it backwards according to the law, and then cross-arrange the results. The plot of this volume is basically arranged properly.

  When I write articles, I like to accumulate some plots and scenes that make me excited when I think about it, and then use this method to lay the groundwork, so for now, this method is more effective.


  As for the actual operation, I basically use the mind mapping tool that comes with WPS. Everyone can try it according to their own preferences.

  Rough and superficial, throwing bricks and attracting jade, I hope the big guys don’t hide it, come out and talk about it

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